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Everybody has got to search right?  According to Nielsen/NetRatings report (pdf file), almost 7 billion searches were conducted on the top 10 Search Engine in the month of January alone (6,864,068,000 queries if I did my math correct).  That's a lot of searches conducted in just over 31 days.  Now, let's imagine if some of those searches are actually conducted not just to look for answers on the internet, but at the same time help starving children worldwide.

Sound like a good idea?  Well...look no further -- Live Search is currently teaming up with to do just that.  The campaign is called Click 4 the Cause.  Every a search that is done on Click4TheCause site, Microsoft will contribute to which help provide education and other charitable programs to refugee children world wide.

Once again, the URL is  I'm changing the default search engine in my toolbar to use that at the moment, so I don't need to remember the URL. 

If you are currently using Firefox, you can quickly add live search to your search engine list.  Just go here, and then click on one of the two links.


If you are running IE 7, then go here, and on the yellow box (see bitmap below), enter into the first textbox, and then enter whatever name you want (I called it "Click4TheCause") in the second box.

Now, we all can use Live Search and help make a difference in someone's live at the same time.  Best of all, it's available for free.

However, like other good things in life, this promotion does have an expiration.  The whole Click4TheCause campaign ends on 3/31/2007 which is just a mere 2 weeks away.  So search now and search a lot. 🙂

Happy searching! 

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  1. RSS It All says:

    Everybody has got to search right? According to Nielsen/NetRatings report ( pdf file) , almost 7 billion

  2. This is a sequel to my previous post , on the new initiative from the Windows Live Group (which I had

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