Free Lawpath Account Access To Microsoft BizSpark Members

Guest post by LawPath. CLICK HERE FOR OFFER.



We’re offering BizSpark members a FREE unlimited 12 month subscription to LawPath. This is an exclusive deal that has never before been offered anywhere else. It represents $348 worth of value and will ensure you’ve got access to all the legal protection your business needs.

Having just ticked over a significant user milestone, the team at LawPath are in the mood to celebrate. More than 40,000 businesses have now used LawPath to create legal documents, register a company or trademark, or connect with one of the 750+ Australian lawyers from our network.

At LawPath we are all about giving back! We’re helping new businesses and the broader startup community that has helped us! This FREE offer comes with no strings attached.

If you are tired of spending thousands on complex and time consuming legal services, it’s time to give LawPath a try.



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