Will 2016 be the Year of ‘Mobility’?

Guest post by Tania Walter, Founder and CEO Obzervr

I’m really looking forward to 2016! After a well-deserved break, I can’t wait to get my teeth into the New Year.

2015 was a great year for Obzervr and me. That well-deserved break will be on the back of some really hard work and the trials and tribulations of running a Tech start-up. Of course it hasn’t been easy. Anything worth pursuing in Life is seldom ‘easy’. If it were, then the gratification of succeeding would be somewhat diminished.

Looking back, I see the ‘small steps’ I’ve taken to move forward with intent. Obzervr is getting known in the market as a leading and innovative Mobility Platform enabling productive field workforces. We have on boarded some great customers (more about this in future Posts so do Follow Obzervr here!).

However, what I’m really proud of is the in-roads we have made with my grand ‘Vision’. Obzervr was always more than empowering mobile workers to do great things in field data collection. That ‘Vision’ of connecting enterprises in the ‘value-chain’ is what drives me forward and why I’m so looking forward to 2016. The progress is in Obzervr collaborating with the key players in that ‘value chain’ which includes end-user customers; ERP system providers where we add a mobility layer; laboratories that do the field sample analysis; engineering and consulting practices that are involved with data collection and the regulators enforcing compliance.

I am absolutely convinced that 2016 will be the Year of Mobility and for reasons I will explain, Obzervr is well placed to be very successful in the market it operates in. First, I would encourage those interested in the Mobile Workforce to read Dimension Data and VMWare’s "

2015 Mobile Workforce Report – Rise of the Mobile Worker". The Report takes a Global and Regional perspective which offers interesting geographic insights.

The Report highlights the trend to enabling employee productivity through the adoption of mobile devices and business applications. Whilst I believe the Report is very good, I believe it is limited in its context. The focus seems to be on employee productivity through mobile office apps. To you and me, that is accessing email or our calendars on out smart-phone or tablet. This ‘always on’ and ‘always connected’ position no doubt does contribute to productivity. But it is hardly ground-breaking or innovative. This simple capability has been around for many years.

Anyone who has taken a parcel, flower or food delivery at their office will know that there is a plethora of use cases and applications enabling the ‘Mobile Worker’. That courier who presents his device for you to sign is an obvious example.

In that example, gone are the days of needing to get a signature on a piece of paper. Now, data flows in real-time. I sign and automatically receive an email on my tracking to alert me that delivery was made.

So I fully believe that we are entering the era of the Mobile Worker. However, what fascinates me is the seemingly endless possibilities and use cases. This is why I Founded Obzervr. My focus is on a very particular niche. The demand for digitizing data collection in the field is growing. Obzervr is a really flexible platform and can address many use cases. Where Obzervr adds greatest value is when enterprises have multiple-teams working on field data collection: Environment; Asset Management; Safety and so on. We help customers become successful at digitizing manual paper-based processes in an elegant and intuitive mobile app.

Obzervr is a unique Mobility Platform that is driving efficiencies and cost-savings across many industries (Resources, Utilities, Government, Telco, and Construction).

Obzervr – helping field workers do great things and Enterprises achieve amazing results!

Let me know how Obzervr can help with your drive to enabling a Mobile Workforce in data collection.

This is an exciting journey and I want to share and be part of this vision in 2016. If you want to join me on this journey and see where it takes us – please Connect with me or Follow


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