Innovation Bay Angel Dinner, Sydney 21st August 2012

For those of you that headed along to last weeks BizSpark APAC Entrepreneurs Summit – you would have heard Ian Gardiner of Viocorp and founder of Innovation Bay giving his top tips for success in growing a global business – the main take away I took from his session was the importance of achieving life balance! We will have the recording for that session available soon and its absolutely worth watching! Along with that talk was the recurring sentiment of the speakers throughout the day on the growing opportunities to gain funding here in Australia. It turns out that an opportunity to pitch to Innovation Bay Angel Dinner is just around the corner and a great opportunity to take steps towards getting Angel Investment, see details below:


If you have a business in the high-tech space that is looking for funding, you might be interested in pitching at Innovation Bay’s Angel Dinner in Sydney on Tuesday, 21 August.

Here’s what you need to do:

• Submit a 90 second video (any format acceptable but don’t exceed the time limit) to

• Tell us about your business and why we should select you

• Explain your value proposition in a strong and punchy format....we want to know why you are poised to succeed and why someone would want to invest in your business.  As pointers:

o   Business overview - who  you are, what you do, your experience, your team

o   What problem you are solving and do you offer a different solution

o   The market - size and opportunity

o   Investment - how much, what do you need it for, why should someone invest

o   All this in only 90 seconds!

•         Get it in by COB, Friday 10 August 2012

•         The top 9 videos, as selected by our panel of experts, will be uploaded to Innovation Bay Angels website (private log-in access only) where members can further discuss your business with you and then vote for their favourite/s.

•         The 4 pitches that receive the highest votes from our members, will be invited to present at the Dinner.

To give you an idea of what worked in the past, click here to view ImageBrief’s video submission.  ImageBrief are one of our most recent success stories.  They raised $600,000 from a syndicate of unnamed angel investors after pitching at our Angel Dinner last August.  (Thanks to Simon Moss for letting us publish this).

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