Startup Camp Winners Go Catch Launch Windows Phone 7 App

GoCatchclip_image016Ever had that problem where you ordered a Taxi & keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting? The guys at Go Catch have had that happen to them 1 too many times and so have set out to solve that issue for us all!

We first met Ned and the Go Catch team (then know as Taxi Mate) at our Sydney Azure & Phone 7 BizSpark weekend, that they went on to Win with their App using an Azure backend created across the weekend….

Since then we have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Phone 7 Application & in great news – today is that day!

So get your hands on this top little app that will help you the take the stress out of booking your next taxi!

Congratulations guys, the app looks great!

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  1. Marc Winters says:

    I sincerely hope Microsoft is not trying to make their name in the mobile app market with poor quality titles like GoCatch.

    You have a higher chance of winning the lottery than getting a taxi through this app.

    Taxi drivers will accept your request, but then simply leash you around for 20-30 minutes before cancelling on you.

  2. Ned Moorfield says:

    Thanks for the great write up Catherine. It's been great to work with Microsoft to put together the Windows Phone version of goCatch and showcase the live tiles feature in Mango.

    Marc, sorry to hear you've had a poor experience with the app. We're working hard to make sure all of our passengers are able to secure a taxi and you'll see this continue to improve with the next round of releases. I'd encourage you to use the 'call driver' feature in the app to speak with the driver that's accepted the job and confirm with them they're on approach. The latest iPhone version of the app allows passengers to cancel their booking under these circumstances as well and we'll be looking to bring this feature into the Windows Phone version as soon as possible.

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