Newly Discovered CE Testing Tools Resource

We’ve recently come across a rather extensive listing of home-grown Windows CE tools, most of them apparently targeted at Windows Mobile devices but also of use on customized CE devices as well.  The very bare-bones site (who needs graphics when you’re only browsing utilities?) bills itself as offering “a collection of tools to do many…


Un-Official Mascot of the Mikehall’s Embedded WebLog Dies …

It’s a sad day at the Mikehall’s Embedded WebLog ( The untimely demise of the much loved mascot has left an unfillable void … ‘World’s ugliest’ dog dies at 14 Purebred ‘Sam’ became famous for winning ugly dog contests Updated: 12:44 p.m. ET Nov. 22, 2005 SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – Sam, the tiny dog whose…


Cool new VOIP solutions leveraging Windows Mobile.

I recently came across two new VOIP solutions that leverage Windows Mobile. The first is “CiceroPhone”: A software solution from Cicero Networks that gives Smartfon and PPC users VOIP capabilities. To the right is a screenshot of the Cicero softphone dialler app running on the PPC platform. The Cicero solution will utilize either WiFi of…


Win a $100 gift certificate!

OK … now that we have your attention, Windows Mobile Technical Resources Survey Please take a few minutes to let us know what you think so we can improve the Windows Mobile SDK Documentation, the Windows Mobile Technical Articles, and the Windows Mobile Community Resources (e.g., Webcasts, Microsoft blogs, eHow-To videos) you find on the…


ActiveSync 4.1 Updated/Released

ActiveSync 4.1 has been released to the web, this is required for devices running Windows Mobile 5.0 – Here’s a link to the download. The 4.1 release fixes issues with syncing devices as described on Jason Langridges’ blog. Don Gambrell  


Building a picture frame — The “junk”-top revival

I was directed to an msnbc article – “Bringing the family photos into the kitchen – One man’s quest to build the perfect digital picture frame” –  and then stumbled upon a blog entry detailing exactly how to build this cool project.  Put all those old junker laptops to good use! [posted by Don Gambrell]


Microsoft Windows CE Testing Tools Embedded Developer Center

Building strong, reliable embedded devices is critical in today’s market. Testing a device or driver can involve assessing many different elements from security, to usability, to performance. This is why Microsoft is working to provide the following tools and resources that will work in conjunction with your testing efforts. Below are just a sample of…


The biggest hole to fall into in a while …

OK… this is got to be the most interesting and potentially biggest hole to fall into that I have seen in a while … Where can you learn how to Make a Podcast whilst learning “When Is a Baked-Bean Can a Wi-Fi Network Antenna?”


Verizon Wireless First to Market with New Treo Smartphone

  posted Monday, September 26, 2005 10:10 AM by wceqalab I remember more than 5 years ago when I joined the Windows CE group, CE was struggling to gain market share from Palm who had 80% of the market.  My how times change!   Do you think that this is a good move?  What challenges do…


Windows CE Test Kit – CETK

The Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0 Test Kit (CETK) is a tool that you can use to test device drivers that you develop for the Windows CE operating system (OS). The CETK incorporates a collection of command-line tests into a graphical user interface (GUI). The test tools in the CETK support the CPUs and hardware platforms…