Great Swedish games in the Windows 8 store and the Windows Phone Store

Lately I have been focusing a lot on games and education apps and I have been working with a lot of great Swedish game developers so I think it’s about time I gave them a shout out.

This is by no means a complete list of Swedish games in the store but just some that I want to recommend.  Click on the Pictures to get to the store and try them out

Ahh, but first a quick message about a Swedish Competition… We are running dev.battle where you can win a Nokia Lumia 820 or an Acer Iconia W510 if you create apps and games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

I have an Acer Iconia W510 on loan now from work and I didn’t think it was going to WOW me but I was very wrong.  Since I got it home I have only been able to use it once my daughter goes to bed because she completely hogs it.  It’s in that sweet spot where it is a great tablet but also has a full keyboard, and full Windows 8… it doesn’t really hurt that we only need to charge it every 3-4 days since it has around 10 hrs of battery in the tablet and another 10 in the keyboard.  I wouldn’t use it for Visual Studio or hard core gaming but it definitely fits my needs for surfing and doing regular “in front of the TV” casual gaming. 

My Favorite Swedish Games in the Windows 8 store


Donut Games

Donut games is a small indie game developer company that has made it big time on other platforms with their popular series of games so I was extremely happy when they decided to take their games to Windows 8.  They have a very cool collectors badge idea where each game Icon has a collectors number so you can collect them all 🙂

Rat on a…

First we have their Rat on a… series with Rat on a Scooter XL (17), Rat on a Skateboard (24) and Rat on a Snowboard (29).  The goal here is to run though the levels, collecting cheese and stars and do tricks with the “vehicles”.  The games are super easy and fun and work really well both with keyboard and touch and I love the pixel graphic they use that give the game that “arcade” feel.  As a special treat the Rat on a Scooter XL game is FREE, but the other ones are well worth their $1.49.



Rat on a Skateboard was brought up as game of the week at Coding4Fun so if you don’t trust me, trust them:)

Other Donut games

In Castle Smasher (02) you use a catapult to throw boulders at castles, to be honest I haven’t played this game a lot since it just came out but it looks very promising.

The other game shown here is Bubble Pig (33) and this is one of my favorite games.  It has all the ingredients of a great game complete with platform jumping, collect stuff, try to beat your level scores and all that fun.  I have spent countless hours playing this game and would absolutely recommend it.  This is one of the rare games that is made first for touch but works even better with keyboard since it makes it a lot easier to get into those secret coin filled areas that you really want to access.




Games from Filimundus

Filimundus is a Swedish game developer that makes games for kids.  They have some amazing characters in their portfolio like the Astrid Lindgren character Pippi Longstocking, and some very popular Swedish childrens books characters like ol’ man Pettson and his cat Findus.  Even if you don’t know the characters the games are awesome and makes even adults have to think a lot before solving the puzzles.

The games Pettsons Inventions 1 and Pettsons Inventions 2 are similar but in my opinion much better than Amazing Alex and the Incredible Machine.  The attention to detail, the difficulty of the puzzles and the quirky things that happen are extremely well balanced.  These games are a must have if you have kids that are in the ages 2-10

pettsonsinventions1pettsonsinventions2 - Copy

IloMilo, Swedish XBOX live game made by SouthEnd Interactive

I have own this game both on Windows Phone, Windows 8 and on the XBOX.  On Windows 8 it is called Ilomilo plus and features some additional levels.  It’s been out for a while now on Windows Phone but for those of you who haven’t yet played it it is a super cute puzzler where you have to guide ilo through a level, collecting flowers, extras and rescue safkas and finally meet up with milo to finish the level.

Some levels are extremely hard and although I don’t like to, I have had to check the walkthroughs a couple of times to get past some of them:)  There is a lot of extra pretty interesting info about Ilo, Milo,  Sebastian and the safkas on the ilomilo blog.


Sprinkle by Mediocre

Sprinkle by Mediocre AB is a cute game where you use a water cannon to make your way though the levels and remove obstacles.  This game is a bit of an anomaly in that it is only available on Windows RT but if you are sporting a Surface RT or some other RT device this is definitely a fun game.



Word and Quiz Games

Finally I’d like to call out QuizMe, a great quiz game from WeAreQiiWi Interactive where you play rounds of quiz challenges with your friends, and also the game WordRoom from IO2GameLabs, a Word puzzler where you have to find Words in a grid before your opponent finds them, very addictive. WordRoom is also available on Windows Phone





My Favorite Swedish Games in the Windows Phone store

Apart from IloMilo and Wordroom that I mentioned earlier there are some other great Swedish games in the Windows Phone store


Ruzzle is a wordfinding game created by MAG Interactive.  The game has existed for some time on IOS and Android and the game play is very similar to Wordament but with the difference that you play 3 2 minute rounds against your friends.  You can challenge your friends either by name, through facebook or through twitter, both if they are on Windows Phone or if they play the game on one of the other platforms. It is extremely addictive and as of lately I have been playing this a lot.  If you want to try to beat me, my ruzzle name is tessifufu:) I play mostly in Swedish but I’m up for a game in English as well.





Cradle to the Grave (+ premium)

Cradle to the Grave from Coltran Studios is a very interesting game where you battle sombies and other enemies, acumulate weapons and just have some blasting fun.  The game has risen on the WP charts and is now one of the most popular games on WP… it is also a bit special because it is WP exclusive.  It includes zombies, crafting your own weapons, awesome cartoon graphics and everything else that makes a game awesome to create that perfect game.  The game is available in a free and a premium version (without ads)



Ragdoll Run (+ premium)

What happens if you mix Temple Run with Ilomilo?  You get ragdoll run:)  This is again one of those games that have become extremely popular on WP lately both because of the addictive gameplay but also because these ragdolls are just too cute.  This game is created by Dawnbreak Studios and comes in a free and a premium version.  Love Love Love this game




Blobster by Divine Robot is a super cute XBOX Live game where you have to move the blobster though challenging levels.  To move the blobster you extend him like a rubber band and fling him away.  Not sure why I am automatically thinking it’s a he, but anyways… again we are talking great graphics and really fun gameplay, enough for many hours of fun.




Duudle by VISIARC has been around for ages on Windows Phone and I used to play this a lot about a year ago.  It has some similarities with DrawSomething but is still very different.  The way you play is that you set up a match with 3 or more of your friends.  In each round one person draws a given word and then it is up to the other players to guess what you drew.

They use a very interesting way to make this work… first the drawer draws, then the turn is passed on to the guessers but it’s a turn based game so you don’t have to all be there at once.  Once it is your time to guess the drawing is played up in real time so you see the drawing as it happens and you have to guess quicker than the other person.  If you don’t guess it right you can guess again with a time penalty and scores are tallied based on how fast you guess.  The drawer also scores based on if the other people guessed it or not, so you have to hit the perfect combination of making it easy but not too easy.




Manic Miner and other Spectrum games

This one (manic miner) I have to admit I haven’t played but I loved Spectrum so I’m recommending it anyways.  Elite are coming out with a number of old spectrum games now ported to Windows Phone and the connection to Sweden is that the dev is Swedish.  These games are sure to take you down memory lane:)

manic minermanicminer-s1


Let me know what your favorites are, I’m always looking for new and fun games



Comments (6)

  1. Fredrik says:

    Hey Tess, I'm shocked that you forgot to mention (just kidding 🙂

    I've produced great titles like Traffic Race 3D (…/1697465e-cad5-4e38-9e21-663230803703) and 3D Parking (…/bdc3f0b4-05ca-454d-8d21-8fa2b6e7195c).

    Since the start in 2011 I've had 2+ million downloads which makes me one of the pioneers of Windows Phone Game Development in Sweden. Or so I think 🙂

    But I agree Cradle to the grave and Ragdoll run are great games too!

  2. Tess says:

    Nice, keep em comming and I'll do a second post with the ones I haven't listed already… Wow 2+ mil is a great achievement… Sure is a lot more than the number of downloads on my main title Bizzy Bees:)

  3. Tess says:

    Ps! Adding Badgers rock to the mix here too:)

  4. Simon L. says:

    imo. Ragdoll Run is the best game out there atm.! 😉 And I was surprised  that many of the games I know were Swedish :p

  5. Johan Karlsson says:

    Thanks for the mention! 🙂

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