Videos of developer sessions at Oredev (including mine on .net debugging)

Just a quick post to share a link to last years videos for the Oredev developer conference

Here is my .net debugging presentation where I show off some windbg + new VS.NET features and apart from all the good developer content, you might also want to check out Scott Hanselmans session on Information Overload and managing the workflow with some tips and tricks on how he manages twitter/facebook/email etc.

Thank you to the organizers of Oredev for posting these,


Comments (14)

  1. razvantim says:

    Great presentation Tess. I will definitely continue learning more about net debugging from you labs. Thanks

  2. zoldello says:

    Thanks for the links.


    Broke it is not, so fix it I will not.

  3. 百度 says:

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  4. ac says:

    Thank you for sharing the video Tess. More than the information you are giving, it is the perspective you bring to the presentation that I enjoy the most.

  5. RMartinon says:

    Thanks Tess, this is great stuff. Your other tutorials and labs on this blog were already great, but seeing it step by step on video like this makes it so much easier to understand and apply in the real world. Plus, the way you pronounce "object" is cute. 😉

  6. athman says:

    great presentation TESS

    keep on

    i have one question

    when u run any program and some bug came out

    a msgbox show and ask u do u want to debug it

    can u post abt how to debug this kind of bugs (i mean in programms other than yours like internet explorer and so on)?


  7. Tess says:


    actually, you can debug them the same way… set up a crash rule in debug diag for example and if you dont know what the exception is, ask it to log on 1st chance exceptions so you can see what happened right before your popup so you can get a dump on that

  8. RMartinon says:

    Tess, could you elaborate on "set up a crash rule in debug diag"? Do you have a link to an article showing how to do that? That sounds interesting.

  9. Tess says:


    The download link for debug diag has pretty nice explanations about setting up debug diag crash rules.  In reality it is very simple, just a next next finish through the wizard…

  10. RMartinon says:

    Thanks Tess I’ll check it out. My customers are going to be really amazed at my new production debugging abilities thanks to you. 😉

  11. coder says:

    Thanks for the video links! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  12. Johan Karlsson says:

    Are you going there this year? I will attend the conference. Take a look at the schedule:…/Programme

  13. Tess says:

    I am unfortunately not going this year, neither to Oredev nor TechEd as I have a few other things comming up in November but I hope to be there next year:)  Have fun at the conference!

  14. chase says:

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