Reader email: Need help troubleshooting perf/memory issues

I get several emails every day (through the blog) with urgent requests to help troubleshoot memory issues or memory related performance issues.  Some just say “we have a memory issue, how do I troubleshoot it?” and others are far far more detailed with links to dumps and everything:) I love getting emails, but since I…


Fix for RestartWWWService=false in Visual Studio 2010

We recently published a fix for the following problem: You create a deployment project for a web application in Visual Studio 2010, set the deployment property RestartWWWService=false and deploy to a Windows 2003 server. In this situation the w3wp.exe process will still be recycled even though the RestartWWWService is set to false. The fix…


Debug Diag 1.2 (Beta)

Are you looking for some good stuff to put in your family’s Christmas stockings this year? Maybe a new phone, a controller for your gaming console, why not a brand new debugging tool:) Jokes aside, I get peppered with questions about Debug Diag and if there is a new version coming that will support Windows…


Do you know ISA/Forefront and want to work in the cube next to mine (Sweden)?

If you live in Stockholm, know a lot about ISA/Foreftont/TMG/UAG and you’re just aching to spend the days debugging and troubleshooting interesting problems, we have a full-time Microsoft position open right now. Not only that, but you would get to have your morning “fika” with some fine people like Graham, Spike and Johan 🙂 (ok,…


Capturing memory dumps for 32-bit processes on an x64 machine

This is an issue that I often get questions around and we often have cases where we have to re-capture memory dumps because the memory dumps were captured the “wrong” way. The short story is: If you are executing a 32-bit process on a 64-bit machine, (which is the default case for IIS on x64…


Help! !clrstack is not showing any method names

From time to time I get questions about missing method names in the sos !clrstack output, like this: 0:019> !clrstack OS Thread Id: 0x5d0 (19) ESP EIP 0f31f340 7c80bef7 [HelperMethodFrame_1OBJ: 0f31f340] 0f31f398 1449167a 0f31f3c4 144915e6 0f31f3f4 10d81b48 0f31f4b4 793e25cf 0f31f4bc 79366b3d 0f31f4d4 793e2734 0f31f4e8 793e26ac 0f31f678 79e7c0e3 [GCFrame: 0f31f678] Jonathan Dickinson from SourceCode, just emailed…


Getting full user mode dumps automatically when your process crashes

I recently got a question about if it is possible to generate full user mode dumps automatically every time the process crashes (without having debug diag or adplus installed and monitoring your system).   This would be useful for example if you are setting up a site, and you want to make sure you get dumps…


The SQL Server Support Team in Stockholm is hiring

If you are a contractor in Stockholm, skilled in SQL, have a look at this post: Have a good one, Tess


.NET Memory Leak: XslCompiledTransform and “leaked” dynamic assemblies

I have written before about high memory usage caused by improper usage of XmlSerializer objects both in a case study and in a debugging lab.  The problem there was that every time you create a new XmlSerializer object with a non-default constructor, you generate a new dynamic assembly that contains the definition and methods for…


New Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 debugging content

It’s been a pretty busy few weeks at work coupled with some vacation so I’ve been lagging a bit with the blogging, so sorry for bombarding the blog with new posts now:) As you all know, Visual Studio 2010 just released and there is a lot of new content out there and I thought I’d…