Recap of Oredev and some .net debugging videos

This week I attended and spoke at the Oredev conference in Malmö Sweden, and it was great fun as usual. It was a pretty productive few days with a lot of good talks and conversations with some really cool people.

I’ll put up a link to the talk as it becomes available

Channel9 video and chat with Scott Hanselman for Hanselminutes

imageI got to meet “The man, the myth, the legend” Scott Hanselman and he recorded a 10 minute demo for Channel9 where I showed him how to debug a .Net performance issue using Memory dumps in Visual Studio .NET 2010 Beta 2.

We also had a really nice chat about debugging (kind of a 101 primer) for hanselminutes that should be out on sometime in the near future.



.NET Rocks and dnr TV with Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell

Earlier this year I had a chance to speak to my pod-casting idols Carl and Richard on .NET Rocks about debugging .net apps.  They were also hanging out in the hallways of Oredev and it was a treat to meet them in person.  image

To follow up on that talk I showed Carl some debugging demos with Windbg and sos.dll, as well as a Visual Studio 2010 demo for an episode of dnrTV.  I’ll post a link to it when it comes out but if you haven’t done so before, you should definitely check out .net rocks podcasts and dnrTV episodes.  Very entertaining and educational.

Carl is not only a good podcaster/interviewer, it turns out that he is also really good at playing the guitar and singing. 

On Wednesday night he and Shawn Wildermuth pulled out their guitars and had an impromptu jam session at the Bishops Arms pub in Malmö.

Scott recorded it for the world to view on youtube but the recording really didn’t do it the justice it deserved.

Pure awesome!!!




Surface demo in the Microsoft booth

The Swedish Microsoft booth featured a Surface table where you could try it out.  We have one at work so I’ve seen it before but still, they were showing some really amazing stuff on it.

You can see a demo here, where Johan Lindfors who is now blogging on shows it off.


All in all, a very good few days… can’t wait til next time…

Now it’s off to TechEd Berlin for a week of fun (Shawn promised to bring his guitar again) before conference season is over for me for this year.


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  1. Kirill says:

    Thanks for the interesting video with you and Scott.

    Have you ever considered doing video tutorials on debugging? Would be a very cool thing…

  2. Jeffrey Ingalls says:

    Great videos Tess! I have learned so much from your blog and tutorials.  I know you are very busy but have you posted the DotNetMemoryAnalysis.asp analysis script you mention in the DNRTV episode?  Thanks a bunch!  -Jeff. 🙂

  3. jausha says:

    Hi Tess,

    First of all thanks for all your good work and for this VS 2010 debuuging video. I was trying the same with buggybit site, but when I open dump file, it gives me following error.

    "Debugging information for w3wp.exe cannot be found or does not match. Cannot find or open the pdb file"

    Any idea what I might be missing? This is a .net code so we should not need pdb file for source code.

  4. jausha says:

    Just to make sure that I was clear in my previous email, after this error message I am not seeing any function names at all in the thread stacks. I expect not see too function names for native stuff but I should see .net methods. My understanding is that even if my symbol path is not correctly set, I should still be able to see all .net related api calls. Am I wrong?

  5. Tess says:


    The module W3wp.exe is mostly native so unless you have symbols that is why you see that error message.

    The problem with not seeing .net function names is probably because you are looking at jitted methods, you can only see those for if the jitted dlls havent changed since you took the dump.  

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