Finding memory leaks with ANTS Memory Profiler

I was out looking for some sample scripts for tinyget and ran across this ANTS Memory Profiler review where Scott Seely has tested it out on some of my debugging labs.

I haven’t had the time and/or opportunity to test it out myself but since many people have asked me if I had used it or what I thought of it I thought I’d just point you to someone who has instead:)

Have fun,


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  1. Jan Nortje says:


    I’ve had a major memory leak problem a while ago and used a lot of different profiles I could find for .net apps and thanks to ANTS I was able to Identify and fix the leaks.

    Then I only used it to get memory snapshot after forcing the GC to see what can’t be removed and what was holding it.

    The other useful function I used was to profile code to spot unnecessary calls and to spot bottlenecks.  To identify early where speed can become an issue.

    This is worth checking out.



  2. Jack says:

    fine, another memory leaks topic

  3. Kumar says:

    Please can u desc how abt profiling a aspx application for memory leak.

  4. Alac says:

    Good post to understand quickly.

    below post is equally good because it's rely time…/ants-memory-profiler.html

  5. Roman says:

    ANTS Memory Profiler is a good tool.

    Even if they require a license – there is a workaround and you can use it even after the free trial period.

    check this post for more details:…/ants-memory-profiler-71-without-license.html

  6. udhayakumar says:

    i am using profiler to launch my application to see if there is any memory leaks. But to perform some operations in application i use QTP tool. Script for that specific application is not working while it is launched from profiler. please help me out

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