.NET Rocks: Debugging chat

Yesterday I had a nice chat with Richard and Carl at .NET Rocks.  We talked about .net, debugging, memory issues and a bunch of other stuff, and in the end I got a pop quiz that I failed:)  See if you can figure out what caused the outage on their servers…

The show will be uploaded here some time today.


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  1. What's New says:

    Yesterday I had a nice chat with Richard and Carl at .NET Rocks . We talked about .net, debugging, memory

  2. Ted says:

    Asp.net needs a safe way to log trace/exception messages to a local text file on the web server.  Asp.net 1.x and 2.0 needed special extra file system permissions for this operation which voilates good security practices.  Please add a supported patch for asp.net 2.0 to allow for logging to a text file without requireing extra security permissions.  The event log cannot be used for this logging as it will quickly fill up and cause problems.  Logging via a higher level method (e.g., to a listener) also causes performance and availability problems as our corporate web sites don’t allow us to land non-application binaries or development tools to production web servers and also do not let relax the tight security of the account used to run the web site.  

    This is an ongoing problem with supporting asp.net 2.0 and 1.x sites.

    Our production environment has several thousand asp.net based web pages spread out over many web sites and we can only upgrade/port them to the latest .net framework/Visual Studio combo very slowly.  Therefore, our production web sites will typically need to last 5 or more years in the original development language/.net version/Visual Studio version.

  3. Sean says:

    Hooray, listening to Carl, I did figure out his problem.  (Although I thought it was related to DST).  But why was he needing a GETDATE() when just getting top (most recent) couple of records?

  4. Stilgar says:

    Tess did you get this passively-aggressive, warrior-style stare in the picture after having fought the most scary .NET bugs out there? It looks lke it says "we’re outnumbered but we ain’t giving ourselves without a battle".

  5. OJ says:

    Tess, your blog rocks. You need to get ya butt on Twitter and help increase the signal to noise.


  6. Craig Lebowitz says:

    Tess, I liked how you described how "memory leak" is actually a misnomer for managed code

    I did guess that the server time was wrong (when said "2 most recend", but the pop quiz was a bit vague and your answer of not having records in the database did make sense!

    My experience with Microsoft escalation engineers has been very positive and you guys do great work.

    One thing I wish you guys had mentioned was CLR Profiler, which is a great, albeit invasive, tool to use in conjunction with reflector to visualize the heap.  Do you use that one Tess?

    Because of the memory fragmentation issue under load, my current employer was able to get around an immediate issue by sticking each .Net application in it its own app pool to get around the ~1g limit you described in the worker process

    I’m subscribing to your blog

  7. Tess says:


    I have no clue what you’re talking about:)


  8. Stilgar says:

    Yeah you obviously do know what I am talking about. So do you play Left 4 Dead or zombie apocalypse looks too much like work for you to do it in your free time? 🙂

    BTW where can I get info on how one gets to an escalation engineer and how much does it cost. The company I work for has MSDN subscription and I know it includes something called "incidents" but I don’t know anyone who’s tried to use it.

  9. Tess says:

    sadly I don’t actually play L4D,  I’m more into Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and those types of games:)  but my coworker Johan http://blogs.msdn.com/Johan loves doing montages so he couldn’t pass on the chance:)

    About your other question,  when you call in for support you normally wont get an EE directly, but we work as a team so we work directly or indirectly on a lot of the cases that come into support, both with MSDN incidents and through other contracts.

  10. Joseph says:

    Just stumbled across you.  Like your pic, and you’re cute. 😛  Can I work for Microsoft?  I’m not a debugging expert, but I’ll try to be one.

    Take care.

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