Troubleshooting ASP.NET issues with HTTPERR logs

I am doing some email cleanup and got a request to write a post about how to use the HTTPERR logs.

I thought long and hard about what I could write that would add value.  There is a really good KB article on the topic;en-us;820729 that goes through how to set it up properly and what all the error codes mean, and there is another good article from asp alliance on how to use LogParser to perform queries against the http error logs to sift through the data.  

Since these are already out there and cover a lot of the questions I could see arise about the http error logs I will leave it at that.  Feel free to comment on if you have specific questions about the HTTPERR logs that isn’t covered by those articles though…


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  1. Thanks, Tess. That may have been an email I’d sent. If so, I’ll clarify that I’d sent it when you had a guest blogger and asked what other topics may suit your having another guest.

    I’ll be frank and say that while the info you’ve shared should be useful for many, I was more hoping for the kind of deep, unearthed treasures your blog usually shares. I thought you may have someone who could at least offer some practical advice about what to pay attention to and what to ignore in the HTTPERR logs, as well as perhaps to connect more dots when it identifies serious errors.

    I didn’t mean to presume you yourself would necessarily have more to say on it, but hoped you might have some good troubleshooting colleague who’s had to work more with this info. But if perhaps you don’t, I hope the info you shared will at least help some readers. Keep up the good work.

  2. gaurangi says:

    how to solve the error..:The element ‘module’ cannot contain text. List of possible elements expected: ‘task’.

  3. Atif says:

    Thanks for Such Wonderful Support,It Really Solve my Problem and Now I relax

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