Just wanted to post a quick note to apologize for not responding to any comments over the last 4 weeks as I have been on an extended vacation with very limited internet access.  Next week I will be attending an event so the updating will probably be slow then too, but I'll go through all the comments and emails and answer the ones I can the week after and I shoud have some new posts comming out then too.

Hope y'alls summer has been great so far


Comments (4)

  1. MGZ says:

    My summer would be going better if *I* could take a vacation with no internet, let alone a FOUR WEEK vacation. ;-(

  2. the summer has been great so far, glad to hear you’re having fun =o)

  3. Anu says:

    Last four weeks was boring,since there was no post to read,but happy to hear that you are enjoying your vacation

  4. Tess says:

    sounds like you need to move to a country that gives you a 4+ weeks of vacation then:)

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