My presentation on Troubleshooting ASP.NET applications at Oredev

The guys at Oredev are in the midst of preparing for the next Oredev conference in November.  Sadly I won't be presenting there this year because of other comittments. I say sadly because it was an awesome event last year.

If you want to check out my presentation from last year you can do that here.  The page says "Due to technical problems with our video equipment, this session was never recorded" but that is incorrect. The video is there...   Disclaimer:  I had some issues with the mike not fitting properly so it starts off a little bit shaky:) but hopefully you can oversee the presentation skills and look at the content instead

There are also plenty of other videos from the other presentations here.

After having seen a lot of really good presentations, like Scott Hanselmans MVC presentation, I realize I have a lot to learn as far as presentation skills go, and next time I present I will for sure use Mark Russinovich zoomit tool to make the commands I use more readable on the screen.

Speaking of Mark, if you haven't seen it already, I have to recommend his presenation on troubleshooting with process explorer,  it's called "The case of the Unexplained..."  I just watched it the other day and it's an eye opener.      

If you are curious about his title "Technical Fellow", it's a very prestigious title among Microsoft employees, it's awarded to a selected few and he is in the good company of other people like Patrick Dussud (among other things he is the GC architect).    



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  1. Unfortunately I didn’t attend the øredev conference so I’m very happy that the videos are available. Great presentation! Thanks a lot!


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