Welcome to a blog chat on Wednesday about ASP.NET and Debugging

On Wednesday (April 2nd) me and Tom from the ASP.NET Debugging Blog will co-host a live blog chat on our blogs where you can ask questions about ASP.NET and Debugging with windbg and sos. 

The chat client will be hosted on our blogs for an hour starting at 10 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time) /4 PM CET (Central European Time) so you can just browse to either http://blogs.msdn.com/Tess or http://blogs.msdn.com/Tom to attend and ask any questions you want about ASP.NET and debugging with windbg and sos.dll.

We will both host the exact same chat so the questions and answers will appear on both blogs simultaneously.

Because of time differences we will probably miss some people from Asia and the western regions of the US but if it turns out well we will probably host more of these sessions at other times that fit these regions better.

Feel free to drop a note if you are interested in attending this chat session or future ones in other time-zones so we can gauge a little bit what the interest looks like, and also if there are specific topics that you would like us to discuss.

Have fun and see you there...


Comments (7)

  1. Nirisan says:


    How do i debug a C# project in VS 2005 as the dll which is built is called by a CMS (sitecore).

    Is it possible to change the output of the project to generate the dll into the bin folder of the CMS. I want to put breakpoints  in the project and debug it.

    I have a setup of the the cms on my local machine and the bin folder is where the compiled dll is copied to.

    How can i link to the cms bin folder dll and debug from visual studio 2005. Is there any other way i could do it.

    Email: sanspirit@yahoo.com

  2. Tess says:

    I should mention that the chat will be about debugging with windbg and sos rather than with visual studio,  I havent debugged in visual studio for a while but you should be able to just attach to the process that your dll is loaded from and load up the relevant files and set breakpoints if i remember correctly.

  3. momo says:

    je cherche emploi che vous mr ok!

  4. ramtin says:


    how can i load a asp form in a page with ajax?

    cause when i do it  as press button i have error

  5. Tess says:

    Hi Ramtin, if you are interested in the job in france please apply at http://members.microsoft.com/careers/international/default.aspx?loc=FRA&lang=FR&job=90537162&newapp=0

    Even if you dont live in France, but somewhere else in Europe, please feel free to apply to it anyways.  We are still in the process of employing someone to the IIS/ASP.NET support position in France.

    Thank you,


  6. Josh Coswell says:

    Thanks for a chance to have a face to face talk.

    It will be good if it is repeated a few times.

    Josh Coswell


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