Debugging memory leaks in Compact Framework / Windows CE applications

This is way out of the scope of what I normally troubleshoot, but I have gotten some questions around this and I just wanted to point out a really good resource (By Raffaele Limosani), for troubleshooting memory leaks in these kind of applications.


Planning a new .net debugging lab set – What do you want to see?

There’s been close to 25 000 downloads of the buggy bits lab set, YAY!!! 🙂  but now I think it’s time to expand it a bit with some new labs.  I have a few different issues in mind but I wanted to check in and see if there is something specific you want to see…


Slides and resources for TechED presentations about debugging .NET issues with Windbg

I still have to figure out a way to host the video from the break-out session but until then, here are the slides for my presentations (attached). And here are a list of some of the tools and resources I used for the presentations Tool/Resource Comment Download Link Debugging Tools for windows Windbg, adplus etc….


Troubleshooting appdomain restarts and other issues with ETW tracing

You learn something new every day… I was working on an issue with appdomain restarts caused by page re-compilations because aspx pages were created and modified from the code.  You can get lifetime event information such as shutdown reasons, compilation information etc. in the eventlog  by enabling Application Life Time Events in your web.config (See…


PDC announcements about Dump debugging for .NET 4.0

Mike Stall just wrote a very interesting post about ICoreDebug announcements at the PDC.  More specifically that ICoreDbg for 4.0 will support dump debugging which means that ICoreDebug based debuggers (eg. Visual Studio) will also be able to support this.  This is the best news I’ve heard in a long long time:) since it means…


Performance by Design – PDC 2008

Rico Mariani (Chief Architect of Visual Studio – previously performance architect for .net), Vance Morrison (Performance architect for .net) and Mark Friedman (Architect Lead for the Developer Division of Performance Engineering) had a full day talk at the PDC about performance. Unfortunately recordings are probably not going to be available since this was done at…


Need your input for TechEd EMEA sessions on troubleshooting .net applications

TechEd EMEA Developers is just around 2 weeks away now and the pre-conference nervousness is starting to get to me:)   This will be my first time at TechEd (even as an attendee) so I am really excited. I was just chatting a little with one of the track-owners to figure out what the venue and…