.NET Garbage Collection PopQuiz

Time for a little pop-quiz/potential interview questions to get some action going in the comments section…  Feel free to answer any or all of the below questions, I’ll follow up with a post later if all of them are not answered…   1. How many GC threads do we have in a .NET process running the…


Things to ignore when debugging an ASP.NET Hang – Update for .NET 2.0

I often get questions like “what is this thread doing?”. A lot of the time it is about threads that are essential to the process but completely unrelated to the problem at hand.  A while back, in the beginnings of this blog, I wrote a post about what threads you can ignore so you can focus on what…


ASP.NET Case Study: Tracing your way to Out Of Memory Exceptions

One of my colleagues asked me to look at a memory dump for a customer and I thought that was I found was fairly interesting so here is the story. Problem description: Memory in our ASP.NET application (w3wp.exe) keeps growing and growing and requests become slower and slower as time goes by. Speaking of which,…


High CPU in GC and other badness caused by SetProcessAffinityMask

I thought I’d share a support story with you from a very interesting case I have.  My customer is running a pretty busy ASP.NET application on an 8-way box.  Actually they are running on several 8-way boxes but that doesn’t really make a difference for the story…   Problem description: Intermittently requests are running so slow…


Developer Summit 2007

A short commercial break… I’ll be chatting along about ASP.NET issues at Developer Summit 2007 in Stockholm on May 23rd. http://www.cornerstone.se/expertzone/dev07/

.NET Hang Case Study: The GC-Loader Lock Deadlock (a story of mixed mode dlls)

I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to write much lately because of a lot of different reasons.  I moved houses and at the same time I started writing some managed debugging scripts for debugdiag 1.1 to allow it to automatically catch a lot of the issues that I’ve been writing about before.  But… enough…


I’ve been Tagged

I was Tagged by David Salgado so here are 5 things you probably don’t know about me… 1. I am both a Swedish and a Spanish citizen, the Spanish part comes from my dad and I am semi-fluent in Spanish 2. One of my favourite passtimes is playing pick-a-pix (a japanese crossword game), which when…