An attempt to improve the blog quality

Courtesy of my pals on I have added a chance to give post feedback, by adding a survey at the bottom of my case studies. The survey is an anonymous "yes" or "no" click and I'll use it to figure out what type of posts and topics are most useful so if you read a post that resolves a problem for you or helps you in the right direction, please click away:)



Comments (3)

  1. Brian says:

    I’d suggest either re-phrasing the survey question to "did you find this post useful/interesting" instead of (or in addition to) did it actually help you solve a specific problem.  I’m far more likely to answer yes to the former, fwiw and I think that would be valuable feedback…

  2. Tess says:

    Thanks much for the feedback, I really appreciate it, and I agree, it is valuable feedback and I have been thinking about adding this along with the "solved" part.  The sad thing is that I thought about that just after adding the survey to all the post but didn’t add it because it means I will have to go through and make changes to all ~70 posts:)  

    I will probably add it to future posts though, just because I think it is definitely useful information, and I know that many people probably feel like you, i.e. it didn’t really solve a problem but is still useful/interesting.



  3. Jeff R says:

    Hey, I found an SOS-like extension that might be useful to you and other readers.  Perhaps after some use, you could blog on it too. 🙂

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