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This is an all inclusive list of my blog posts, some posts span multiple categories, in which case I have put them in the category that seemed most relevant to avoid duplicates, and posts in each category are listed in the order most recent first.  


Information and Setup Instructions

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 1: Hang

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 1: Hang - Review

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 2: Crash

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 2: Crash - Review

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 3: Memory

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 3: Memory - Review

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 4: High CPU hang

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 4: High CPU hang - Review

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 5: Debugging Challenge! (time to test your knowledge)

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 5: Crash

.NET Debugging Demos Lab5: Crash - Review

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 6: Debugging Challenge (Memory leak)

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 6:_Memory Leak

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 6: Memory Leak - Review

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 7: Memory Leak

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 7: Memory Leak - Review

General Debugging tips and tricks

Apr 09

.NET Exceptions: Quick WinDbg/SOS tip on how to dump all the .NET exceptions on the heap 

Nov 08

Troubleshooting appdomain restarts and other issues with ETW tracing 

Sept 08

Swedish Screen casts of debugging labs and visual studio test

Making it easier to debug .net dumps in windbg using .cmdtree

Quick Debugging Tip: Disable apppool recyling while getting crash dumps 

Aug 08

Debugging Silverlight applications with windbg and sos.dll 

Creating a UI Module For IIS7 to watch Current Requests

May 08

DebugDiag 1.1 or Windbg, which one should I use? and how do I gather memory dumps

"Failed to start stack walk: 80004005", "Following frames may be wrong" and other errors you may see in windbg 

April 08

Setting breakpoints in .net code using !bpmd 

Why are some commands missing in sos for 2.0 compared to sos for 1.1?

Jan 08

Learning .NET debugging

Using Reflector to search through code and resolve .NET issues 

Oct 07

.NET Finalizer Memory Leak: Debugging with sos.dll in Visual Studio

Creating dumps with Windbg and writing ADPlus Config files

Sept 07

Debugging Script: Dumping out ASP.NET Session Contents

Debugging Script: Dumping out current and recent ASP.NET Requests 

Jan 06

Debugging Tips: Use windbg as a calculator, a chat client and more…

Back to Basics - How do I get the memory dumps in the first place? And what is SOS.dll?

Dec 05

Why do I get weird function names on my stack? (a discussion on symbols)

Associate windbg with .dmp files

Nov 05

!dumpheap –stat explained… (debugging .net leaks)


Hangs and Performance Issues

Jan 09

.NET Hang: Analyzing Debug Diag output

.NET Hang: My application hangs after I called my WCF service a couple of times

Oct 08

Using VSTS Test and Profilers to troubleshoot a High CPU in GC issue

Using VSTS Test and Profilers to troubleshoot performance issues (low cpu hang) 

Aug 08

Troubleshooting a performance issue with Failed Request Tracing and appcmd in IIS7 

June 08

100% CPU in vbc.exe when compiling large web applications in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

ASP.NET Case Study: Deadlock waiting in GetToSTA 

May 08

ASP.NET Performance issue: Large number of application restarts due to virus scanning

ASP.NET Hang: Authenticode signed assemblies 

April 08

.NET Performance Issues: What if I suspect that my performance problem is in SQL Server Part II

.NET Performance Issue: What if I suspect that my performance problem is in SQL server? 

March 08

ASP.NET Case Study: Hang on WaitOne, WaitAny or WaitMultiple 

ASP.NET Case Study: Hang with mixed-mode dlls

Feb 08

Hang caused by GC - XML Deadlock 

Jan 08

ASP.NET hang/slowness on startup 

Dec 07

Case Study: ASP.NET Deadlock calling WebServices

Automated .NET Hang Analysis 

Oct 07

Why is my app performing worse on .NET 2.0 than on 1.1 (or why aren't the oranges at work as tasty as the apples at home?)

.NET Hang case study - High CPU because of poorly formatted regular expressions (Identifying tight loops) 

Aug 07

ASP.NET Hang scenario: Kernel Debugging for Dummies

ASP.NET Hang Case Study: Application hangs on startup

April 07

Things to ignore when debugging an ASP.NET Hang - Update for .NET 2.0

March 07

.NET Hang Case Study: The GC-Loader Lock Deadlock (a story of mixed mode dlls)

High CPU in GC and other badness caused by SetProcessAffinityMask

Oct 06

.NET Hang Debugging Walkthrough

June 06

ASP.NET Case Study: High CPU in GC - Large objects and high allocation rates

Feb 06

ASP.NET Performance Case Study: Web Service calls taking forever

Jan 06

A Hang Scenario, Locks and Critical Sections

Dec 05

Things to ignore when debugging an ASP.NET hang


Memory Issues

April 09

Show me the memory: Tool for visualizing virtual memory usage and GC heap usage. 

Feb 09

.NET Memory Leak reader email: Are you really “leaking” .net memory

.NET Memory Leak: To dispose or not to dispose, that’s the 1 GB question

Nov 08

Debugging memory leaks in Compact Framework / Windows CE applications 

Sept 08

Q&A Reader emails about .NET memory leaks and random questions

ASP.NET Memory Issues - High Memory Usage with AjaxPro (fixed in current version)

ASP.NET Memory - Identifying pages with high Viewstate

OutOfMemoryExceptions while remoting very large datasets 

June 08

ASP.NET Memory Leak: Byte arrays rooted in System.Security.Policy.Evidence 

May 08

ASP.NET Memory: Thou shalt not store UI objects in cache or session scope 

April 08

How does the GC work and what are the sizes of the different generations? 

Feb 08

High memory usage with usercontrols in IE (using Debug Diag) 

Generational GC (Garbage Collector) - A post-it analogy

Jan 08

ASP.NET Hang and OutOfMemory exceptions caused by STA components 

August 07

ASP.NET Memory Investigation

ASP.NET Memory Issue: High memory usage in a 64bit w3wp.exe process 

March 07

ASP.NET Case Study: Tracing your way to Out Of Memory Exceptions

Nov 06

ASP.NET Case Study: Bad perf, high memory usage and high CPU in GC - Death By ViewState

Sept 06

.NET Memory usage - A restaurant analogy

April 06

ASP.NET Memory: If your application is in production… then why is debug=true

ASP.NET Memory: You use the same dll in multiple applications, is it really necessary to load it multiple times?

ASP.NET: Check your Web Site today for these common assembly related memory and perf issues

March 06

.Net memory leak: Unblock my finalizer

Feb 06

.NET Memory: My object is not rooted, why wasn't it garbage collected?

ASP.NET Memory Leak Case Study: Sessions Sessions Sessions…

.NET Memory Leak: XmlSerializing your way to a Memory Leak

Jan 06

ASP.NET Memory - How much are you caching? + an example of .foreach

.NET Memory Leak Case Study: The Event Handlers That Made The Memory Baloon

Nov 05

I have a memory leak!!! What do i do? (defining the "where")

Who is this OutOfMemory guy and why does he make my process crash when I have plenty of memory left?


Crash Issues

Apr 09

Debugging a .NET crash with rules in Debug Diag 

May 08

ASP.NET Crash: StackOverflowException with Server.Transfer 

Mar 08

.NET Case Study: Stackoverflow Exception when using a complex rowfilter 

Nov 06

ASP.NET Crash: Bad CacheItemRemovedCallback - Part II

Oct 06

ASP.NET Crash - Crazy looping in a SiteMap

April 06

ASP.NET 2.0 Crash case study: Unhandled exceptions

Feb 06

.NET Crash: Managed Heap Corruption calling unmanaged code

A .NET Crash: How not to write a global exception handler

Nov 05

What on earth caused my process to crash?


Exceptions and other Misc. Issues

Apr 09

Validation of viewstate MAC failed after installing .NET 3.5 SP1 

Aug 08

Questions on application domains, application pools and unhandled exceptions 

Apr 08

Does interrupting GC.WaitForPendingFinalizers interrupt finalization?

Questions about .net Exceptions 

Oct 07

ASP.NET 2.0 OutputCaching - Download dialog box after browsing with SmartPhone 

Jun 07

A Case of Invalid Viewstate 

Oct 06

ASP.NET 2.0 - Investigating .NET Exceptions with WinDbg (Compilation and Load Exceptions)

Aug 06

ASP.NET Case Study: Lost session variables and appdomain recycles

May 06

.Net exceptions - Tracking down where in the code the exceptions occurred

April 06

ASP.NET: Strong named assemblies should not be stored in the bin directory

Nov 05

Are you aware that you have thrown over 40,000 exceptions in the last 3 hours?



Aug 08

Debugging Puzzler - WinForms crash - Can you figure out what caused it? 

April 07

.NET Garbage Collector PopQuiz - Followup

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