I’ve been Tagged

I was Tagged by David Salgado so here are 5 things you probably don't know about me...

1. I am both a Swedish and a Spanish citizen, the Spanish part comes from my dad and I am semi-fluent in Spanish

2. One of my favourite passtimes is playing pick-a-pix (a japanese crossword game), which when I say it makes me feel like a 65 year 
    old lady:)

3. I won one game in the Swedish Championship in 9-ball last year, unfortunately I lost out in the second round, but I'm planning to
    be back and fighting next year:)

4. I went to college in Orlando, FL and started working for Microsoft in Charlotte, NC straight out of college in 99'. In 04' I moved to
    Sweden to join Microsoft in Stockholm and have lived here ever since.

5. I got stuck with being on-call on newyears eve for the millenium shift between 11 pm and 1 am in case we would get a massive
    amount of people calling in because their web sites had crashed. Come on, give me a break... as if anyone browsing the sites
    would care on new years eve or new years day (depending on timezone).  How many call-outs do you think I got in the end? zero,
    zilch, zip, nada... 🙂  Still a bit miffed about that one:)

oh yeah, i forgot, i was supposed to tag 5 other people I want to know more about so I'm tagging the writers of some of my favourite blogs Doug, Jeff, Maoni, Mike Stall, and Eran.

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  1. Cool!! I was surprised with the Spanish part. The fact is that I tagged David Salgado, and he tagged you. I read you, but didn’t knew you both where connected, and I had an error today with an "ambiguous match found" in asp.net and met Eran, he had some tips for it… and i suscribed to his blog, saw the last post and he was tagged by you

    This is a pretty small world!!! El mundo es un pañuelo lleno de mocos, algunos son muy grandes y pegajosos que aparecen por todos lados 🙂

  2. Shaka says:

    #5 is the best

  3. Tess " tagged me ". This seems to be a bit of New Year fun in the blogosphere – seems to be a bit like

  4. misstrix says:

    I love your blog, and think you should have your own cable TV show called "The Heap Whisperer"!  

    Thank you for the excellent info you share in your blog.

  5. Even though I don´t understand much.. except for the tagging part.. I enjoy reading Your blog.

    See ya

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