.NET Hang Debugging Walkthrough

  I have talked about a number of different hang/performance issues in my posts.  This post is a generic debugging walkthrough for hangs.  It applies to all types of .NET processes and to some extent also to non-.net processes even though it has some .net specific items. Define the hang/performance issue The first step in…


ASP.NET 2.0 – Investigating .NET Exceptions with WinDbg (Compilation and Load Exceptions)

I have talked in earlier posts about how to log and debug .net exceptions with WinDBG.   All .NET exceptions derive from System.Exception and with the following member variables. Data HelpLink InnerException Message Source StackTrace TargetSite Apart from this basic information exceptions deriving from System.Exception usually add a few member variables where they store information specific…


My Blog posts in Chinese

Courtesy of Ring www.cnblogs.com/ring1981 some of my blog posts are now available in Chinese.  Thank you much Ring for taking the time to translate… Unfortunately I can’t read them, really wish I could but learning Chinese makes debugging seem like childs play:) Joi gin 🙂


ASP.NET Crash – Crazy looping in a SiteMap

It’s been a while again. Lots of prepping for the debugging workshops and a bit of re-modeling done to the house but now it’s time to write again… The other day I received an email about my blog with the following question (slightly paraphrased): I wanted to create a quick and dirty site map, so…