It’s been a while

Hi All,

It has been a while since my last post, I've been visiting with my friends in my old hometown of Charlotte, NC. And then I've been down with the flu for a while, but I have some posts lined up so I'll be writing up some new scenarios in the next few days.

Until then,


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  1. DavidFerguson says:

    I certainly enjoy your post and look forward to reading more.  Hope you feel better soon.


  2. Joe Audette says:

    I agree hope you feel well soon and looking forward to more posts.

    Most of my debugging is in VS.NET but learning from your blog is giving me courage to spelunk a little deeper.

    Hope you had fun in Charlotte, my brother and Dad live there.

    Greets from Tennesee!

  3. X.Static says:

    Wahoo!  Greetings from a fellow Charlottean (well, I actually still live here).  Nice MS campus here, pulled an a- round there a while back (and have been dying to get back in ever since).  Hope you had fun!

  4. juqiang says:

    great!!! Hope we can see your post as soon as quickly!

  5. Thanks all for the get well wishes:) almost over the flu so should be posting soon…

    Always makes me soo happy when i hear that people are getting more into debugging with windbg, my mission here is complete:)

    And yeah, the MS-campus in CLT is great, hope you get another stint there  

  6. jimbo says:

    Hi Tess!   Feel better, you should…  Can’t wait for your next post!  **so much good info** Glad to hear you’re in CLT…  maybe back in the old department???  — From your #1 fan in Rhode Island (hope you know who this is)

  7. Long time no talk:) of course I know who you are:)  hope you’re doing good up there…  

    Not really back in the old department, just visiting:) although it feels like i never left, 2.5 years and even the coffee guy stayed the same…

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