HyperURL.com – making long URLs manageable

Yeah, there are a few options out there already, but http://hyperurl.com also gives the user a choice to choose the “shortcut” they want to use.  Plus it’s free.  I set up http://hyperurl.com?tfl because I always forget the full URL for London’s Underground trip planner.  Fun.


RSS feed for live Seattle 911 Fire / Medical incidents

I created an RSS feed for live Seattle 911 fire and medical calls.  I’m in the process of expanding it to include a subscription service, mapping of incidents onto MSN’s Virtual Earth, etc.  (Right now it links to Google Earth.) The RSS feed is http://corpseattle.com/seattlefire.aspx and you can find documentation about it at http://corpseattle.com enjoy..


XBox 2, Managed Solutions and other thoughts

There’s a report from Forbes today that XBox 2 is forecast to ship about 3 million units in the December quarter.  Gulp.  That’s all hitting our SAP system, time to be paying extra attention!  It’s always really exciting when there’s a big launch of something like this.  It’s nice knowing logistically what’s happening behind the scenes…


Does IT Matter?

I had a chance Friday to hear Nicholas Carr speak on the subject of “Does IT Matter?”.  His basic premise (assuming I understood him right) is that IT is a commodity and no longer provides companies a strategic advantage. Dr. Carr gained fame a few years ago with an article in the Harvard Business Review. …


Microsoft’s SAP R/3 System In Production on Beta 2!

Microsoft’s SAP R/3 System In Production on Beta 2! Microsoft is running our mission critical SAP system on SQL Server 2005 Beta 2! The SAP R/3 system, which handles Microsoft’s worldwide Sales, worldwide Finances, worldwide HR and American Payroll, was deployed internally on SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 in late August. We’ll highlight our internal use…


Microsoft’s SAP implementation live on Yukon Beta 2

We went live this weekend in Production on Yukon Beta 2.  Microsoft runs SAP internally to support the core business functions of the company.  We have one instance worldwide of SAP R/3 Enterprise (4.7) and are running the Sales/Distribution, Finance, Material Management, Treasury, Project Systems, Real Estate, Controlling, Payroll, Benefits and Organization Management (HR) modules. …


Seattle traffic and commerical development of receivers

Okay, I know that there are many options for getting traffic reports – the WSDOT website, a Smartphone, PocketPC, and many more.  But I dare say that none is as cool as the “trafficgauge.”  This device is pager size (about 2” x 4”) and is always on.  I think it’s almost literally a modified pager. …


Web version of MSN Messenger

This is great..  kudos to the MSN Messenger team.  There’s now a web-based version of this, which might not seem like a big deal until I remember all my friends who work at places that block the Messenger client.  You can check this out at http://webmessenger.msn.com  


Random thoughts and BUY MY HOUSE!

That’s right – you can own your very own townhouse in beautiful downtown Redmond, WA!  (Side note – who knew that Redmond calls itself the “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest” ?)  Troy (my SSDP according to Microsoft lingo) and I are moving to Fremont soon.  Come buy our townhouse in Redmond!  It’s actually a great place…