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Today we’re launching a new Developer Tools blog network. The goal of this network isto make our top blogs more discoverable, using a common navigation bar so youcan explore by topic. We’ve also updated our blogs with a clean new look, andintegrated social media like videos and Twitter. Please visit the site,browse the blogs, and…


Extending Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Architecture Tools

I often get questions about extending Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate’s Architecture Tools features.  If you are interested in that – you may be interested in the following article I just found on “Extending UML Models and Diagrams” at    Terry Clancy    


Visual Studio 2010 VSIP Partner Momentum Continues !

Visual Sudio 2010 (VS 2010) partner momentum has continued to ramp up.  Over 85 partners  SimShiped (Simultaneously Shipped)  VS 2010 compatible versions of their products (We consider partners to have SimShipped if they shipped before end of May). In total over 190 products SimShiped with VS 2020 (This number can be much higher depending how you…


VSIP Partners light the VS 2010 launch afterburners !!!

WOW !!  Since the release of VS 2010  (April 12, 2010)  the VS 2010 momentum from Visual Studio Industry Partner(VSIP) Program partners has been massive.   As of today  (5rd May 2010)  I am now aware of over 60 partners that have shipped over 150 products products that integrate with Visual Studio 2010.   You…


Get 15+ hours of free Visual Studio 2010 training for your team

  Whether you’ve made the decision to upgrade to Visual Studio 2010, or you’re still figuring out your next move, you and your team will be interested in this free learning opportunity brought to you by AppDev and Microsoft.   For a limited time, get 15+ hours of free online learning for Visual Studio 2010…


PDC Videos on VS 2010 ALM features

I just compiled a list of VS2010 ALM Videos from PDC 2009 which people may find useful:  Code Visualization, UML, and DSLs Cameron Skinner  Advanced Diagnostics, IntelliTrace™ and Test Automation Habib Heydarian   Microsoft Visual Studio Lab Management to the Build Setup Rescue Vinod Malhotra   Automating “Done Done” in the Team Workflows with Microsoft…


Measuring real-world application usage in Visual Studio 2010 with PreEmptive Solutions

Visual Studio 2010 includes the ability to inject application feature and session monitoring as well as auto-expire behaviors post-compile (no programming). This new functionality is included as a standard component in the new Dotfuscator Community Edition (CE). Beginning with Visual Studio 2003, Dotfuscator CE HAD served as Microsoft’s answer for simple obfuscation; well, to borrow…