Windows 8 is here–and so are lots of resources

Whether you are a seasoned code warrior, or just starting on your first app, there has truly never been a better time to be a developer, and the opportunity has never been bigger than it is today on Windows. So seize the opportunity using these resources

  • Download the new Windows Phone 8 SDK, and to use Windows Azure to power Windows 8 apps.
  • Get familiar with the developer center and latest Windows 8 content at
  • Check out for offers, 1:1 consultations, partner frameworks, and guidance for building Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 applications
  • Have your Developers tune into //build/ keynotes and sessions now all available on demand.
  • Sign up for the Windows Developer Camps and Windows Store App Labs. Through these events developers will learn how to build beautiful apps and how to sell them in the store.

Have fun Smile

Terry Clancy

Developer Audience Marketing Manager


Steve Ballmer on day one of //build/:



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