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Ver13 Last updated 15th March 2012

Working with Developers I often get asked where to find downloads and learning resources.  Here is a list that I have compiled that contains most of the resources that I know of on Microsoft properties. Let me know if you have any corrections or additions.  I am limiting to resources on Microsoft Properties to maintain sanity J  I hope it helps… 


Terry Clancy

US Developer Audience Marketing Manager


Key Downloads

o   Windows Azure SDK Download

o   Windows Azure Platform Trial

o   Windows Phone SDK Download

o    WebMatrix Download

·    Key Sites

o   MSDN Home

o  MSDN Dev Centers

o   MSDN Library Quick Links  

o  MSDN Flash Free Signup and Archive

o  MSDN Subscription Signup

o  MSDN Forums (Click on ALL FORUMS)

o   "How Do I?" Videos

o   Bytes by MSDN

o   MSDN Events and Webcasts

o   MSDN Virtual Labs

o   Channel 9

o   Tech.Ed Online

·       Azure

o   Tools:

 §   Windows Azure SDK Download

 §   Windows Azure Platform Trial

 §  Azure Developer Center       

 §   Tools for .Net

 §  Tools for Node.JS

 §  Tools for java

 §  Tools for PHP

 §  Tools for other languages

o   Key Forums:

§  Azure Support Forums

o   Key Blogs:

§   The Windows Azure Team Blog

§The SQL Azure Team Blog

 o   Learning:

 §  Azure Developer Center

 § Windows Azure Learning Path

 §  Windows Azure Training Course

 §  Windows Azure How To Guides

 §  Windows Azure How Tutorials

 §  Windows Azure Virtual Labs

§   Windows Azure Hands On Labs

§  Windows Azure Training Videos

 §   Windows Azure Training Kit - December Refresh 

§  Learn Windows Azure December 2011 Event

 §   MSDN Library Cloud Platform Development

 §  Channel 9 Cloud Cover

§    Azure Toolkit for Social Games

§    Nathan Totten on Azure Toolkit for Social Games

§    Windows Phone Push Notifications and Windows Azure


 ·    Phone

 o   Tools:

 §  Windows Phone SDK

§  Windows Phone Marketplace Registration

§ Windows Phone Design Templates   

§   Windows Phone Marketplace Test Kit 

§  Windows Phone Performance Analysis

§   Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone

o   Key Forums:

§  AppHub Community Forum

o   Key Blogs:

§  The Windows Phone Developer Blog

 o   Learning: 

 §    App Hub

 §    Developing and Publishing Applications Overview  

 §    Windows Phone 7.1 Training Course

 §     Windows Phone Jump Start Series

 §    “How do I” Videos

 §    Code Samples

 §    Design Resources for Windows Phone

 §    Windows Phone Design “.toolbox” tutorials

 §    Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit

 §    UX Design Guidelines

 §    MSDN Library Phone Platform Development

 §    Game Development with XNA Game Studio  

 o   Windows Phone Interoperability Resources:

 o   Android to Windows Phone:

§    Windows Phone Guide for Android Application Developers

§    Android to Windows Phone API Mapping tool

o   iPhone to Windows Phone:

§     Windows Phone Guide for iPhone/iOS Application Developers

§     iPhone/iOS to Windows Phone API Mapping tool

o   Symbian Qt to Windows Phone:

§    Windows Phone Guide for Symbian Qt Application Developers

§    Symbian Qt to Windows Phone API Mapping tool

 o   Cloud-Enabling Your Windows Phone Application with Windows Azure:

§    Push notifications for mobile apps

§    Outsourcing authentication on a mobile app

§    Azure Toolkit for Social Games

  ·    Windows 8 Development

 o   Tools:

 §  Windows 8 Developer Preview downloads  

§  Visual Studio 11 Developer Downloads 

o Key Forums:

§     Metro style app forum

§ Windows Desktop Development   

§ Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Forum  

§ More MSDN Client Development Forums (Click on All Forums)

o Key Blogs:

§   The Windows Team Blog

§ The Building Windows 8 Blog

§ Windows Store Blog

§ Developing for Windows Blog

o   Learning

§ Windows Dev Center

§ Dev Center – Metro Style Apps

§ Dev Center – Desktop

§ Design Principles for Metro Style Apps 

§ MSDN Library Desktop Platform Development  

§ TechNet Windows 8 Springboard

§ Windows News Center

  ·    Web Development:

 o   Tools

 §   WebMatrix Download

 §   Web Platform Installer

 §  Web App Gallery

 §  Free Web Application Toolkits  

o Key Forums:

§  Internet Explorer Web Development forum

§ Internet Explorer Extension Development 

o Key Blogs:

§ The Windows Team IE Blog

§The IE Blog

o   Learning

§IE Dev Center


§ Web matrix How Do I Videos

§ Web Camp Training Kit Web Camps Training Kit

§ MSDN Library Web Platform Development

 ·      Visual Studio

 o   Tools

 §   Visual Studio 2010 Trials

 §   Visual Studio Express Products

§    Visual Studio 11 Beta

o Key Forums:

§      Visual Studio Forum

§ Forums

§ Metro Style App Forum

§ More MSDN Client Development Forums

o Key Blogs:

§   The Visual Studio Blog

§ Visual Studio ALM + Team Foundation Server Blog

§   The Soma’s Blog 

§ Jason Zander Blog

 o   Learning

 §  Visual Studio Development Scenarios

 §  Strategies for more productive Predictable development results  

 §   MSDN Home

 §  MSDN Dev Centers

 §  MSDN Library Quick Links  

 §  Visual Studio 2010 Virtual Labs  

 §   Visual Studio 2010 ALM Demos VM with hands-on-labs   

 §   Visual Studio 11 ALM Demos / hands-on-labs NEW!  

§  SQL Server Data Tools (SQL Server Database Design in Visual Studio – codename “Juneau”)




  ·      SQL Server


§   SQL Server Trials and Downloads

§   SQL Server Express

§   SQL Azure Cloud Database

§   Power Pivot

o Key Forums:

 § SQL Server Integration Services Forum

§ SQL Server Data Mining 

§ Data Warehousing

§ SQL Server Data Warehousing

§ SQL Server Tools

§ Transact-SQL

§ SQL Server Reporting Services

o Key Blogs:

§   It’s Still All Data

§ SQL Server Team Blog

§ SQL Server Reporting Services Team Blog

§ SQL Server Security

§ Carpe Datum

§ SSIS Team Blog

o Learning 

§  SQL Server Learning Center Resources

§   SQL Server Developer Center

§   MSDN SQL Sever Library

§  MSDN SQL Azure Library

§   MSDN ADO.NET and ADO.NET Entity Framework

§   MSDN LINQ (Language-Integrated Query)

§     WCF / Open Data Protocol ( OData) Services

§   WCF / RIA Services

§   TechNet SQL Server Library

§  SQL Server Data Tools (SQL Server Database Design in Visual Studio – codename “Juneau”)


  • Microsoft Office Development


§     Office Developer Center

§   SharePoint Developer Center

o Key Forums:

§Visual Studio Tools for Office

§  Access for Developers

§Excel for Developers

§Outlook for Developers 

§Word for Developers 

§General Office Development 

§Open XML Format SDK 

§Project Server SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2007

o Key Blogs:

§   Office developer RSS feed

§ SharePoint developer RSS feed

§ Office, SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, and Office for Mac developer RSS feed

§   Like us on Facebook

§Follow us on Twitter

o Learning

§  Office 2010 Developer Map (Silverlight)

§   Download the Office 2010 Developer Map Poster (PDF)

§   MSDN Office Development Library



Terry Clancy

Developer Audience Marketing Manager

Microsoft  USA

Comments (2)

  1. This is a great resource list – thanks for putting it together. I know SharePoint is rarely mentioned on this blog as there are so many other developer related topics to cover (and that SharePoint isn't a focus of the blog either :).

    With this said, on such a great list of Microsoft Developer resources, I feel SharePoint needs a little love – I offer the SharePoint Developer Center…/aa905688 for inclusion on the list!



  2. Diva says:

    I like the list but cannot find any on Silverlight or WPF resources.  We are just about to move our application from Winforms and have chosen WPF and Silverlight, but can't find out anything about them.

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