Quest Software Selects VS2010 / PreEmptive Runtime Intelligence to Automate Customer Experience Improvement Program

I want to highlight an announcement made today between two VSIP partners, PreEmptive Solutions and Quest Software. Specifically, the announcement is Quest Software Selects Runtime Intelligence to Automate Customer Experience Improvement Program. This is especially interesting for a number of reasons.


First, I happen to know that the initial discussions that led to this announcement actually started backstage at DevConnection 2009 where both Gabriel Torok (PreEmptive) and Claudia Fernandez (Quest Software) were presenting Quest's Toad Extension for Visual Studio and PreEmptive's  Runtime intelligence solution and  as a part of Dave Mendlen’s Visual Studio 2010 keynote. This is the kind of intangible benefit that comes from our ecosystem of partners where everybody wins.


Second, a community version of the application analytics functionality (Runtime Intelligence) is actually embedded inside Visual Studio 2010 (DotfuscatorCE).


So, Check out Gabriel Torok’s keynote back in 2009 here to learn more about how Visual Studio includes Runtime Intelligence.

Terry Clancy


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