Kate Gregory’s "Customizing and Extending Visual Studio 2010" Course is LIVE !

Kate has recently completed another Pluralsight course. This one is on Customizing and Extending Visual Studio.

Here are the contents (she is still adding to it so go the the link above for the latest list of contents):


  • Overview of Visual Studio 2010 Extensibility
  • Why write extensions for Visual Studio?
  • Visual Studio Macros
  • Visual Studio Snippets
  • Getting and installing extensions for Visual Studio
  • The Visual Studio 2010 SDK
  • Visual Studio Start Page
  • The VSIX Format
  • Templates
  • Deploying Templates
  • MEF, The Managed Extensibility Framework


 You can get your work done a lot faster if you tweak Visual Studio to meet your needs.

Of couse if you would prefer to use use extensions that others have created - visit www.visualstudiogallery.com


Terry Clancy

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