Visual Studio 2010 VSIP Partner Momentum Continues !

Visual Sudio 2010 (VS 2010) partner momentum has continued to ramp up. 

Over 85 partners  SimShiped (Simultaneously Shipped)  VS 2010 compatible versions of their products (We consider partners to have SimShipped if they shipped before end of May).

In total over 190 products SimShiped with VS 2020 (This number can be much higher depending how you count them (We do not count all the individually available components in Component Suites)).

You can see short videos of many of these products in the Visual Studio Industry Partners Can Do ! Video series HERE

 As always the best source of information for Visual Studio compatible products is  however below is a list of the partners and products that I am aware of, that support Visual Studio 2010.  Feel free to email me ( terrycl at Microsoft ) with any additions or corrections.

Terry Clancy

Partners / products that integrate with Visual Studio 2010 Premium, Ultimate and TFS ALM

Partner Product
Accurev AccuBridge for Visual Studio PE
Cognizant Spectra v6
eDev Technologies inteGREAT Enterprise 2010
Ekobit  Team Companion for Microsoft Outlook
Flexera Software InstallShield 
GamCom Talmia
Ivar Jacobson EssWork 
Microfocus Analyzer Express
Microfocus SilkTest
Notion Solutions Notion Tools for Team System
Object Consulting Process Mentor
Object Consulting TeamGuide
Odin Technology Axe Test Automation Platform
PreEmptive Dotfuscator Suite
PreEmptive Solutions dotfuscator
Pyxis Technologies Urban Turtle
Quest  Oracle DSP
TechnoSolutions Visual Use Case
TechnoSolutions TopTeam Analyst


Partners / products that integrate with Visual Studio 2010 Professional

Partner Product
/n Software IP*Works!
/n Software IP*Works! SSL
/n Software IP*Works! S/MIME
/n Software IP*Works! SSH
/n Software IP*Works! SNMP
/n Software IP*Works! ZIP
/n Software QuickBooks Integrator
/n Software E-Payment Integrator
/n Software TSYS Integrator
/n Software Paymentech Integrator
/n Software FDMS Integrator
/n Software PayPal Integrator
/n Software E-Banking Integrator
/n Software Shipping Integrator
/n Software Amazon Integrator
/n Software SharePoint Integrator
AccusoftPegasus ImageGear
Actipro WPF Studio  2010.1 Control Suite
Actipro WPF Essentials
Altova MissionKit
Altova XMLSpy
Altova Mapforce
Altova StyleVision
Altova MissionKit
Altova XMLSpy
Altova MapForce
Altova StyleVision
Altova Umodel
Altova Authentic
AppDev Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Training
AppDev AppDev Learning Engine 3.0 Add-in 
AppDev Exploring Visual Studio 2010 ALM Tools
Art in Soft Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC)
BCGSoft BCGControlBar Pro (MFC)
BCGSoft BCGSuite for MFC
Black Duck Code Search Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
CA CA ERwin® Data Modeler
Code Architects VB Migration Partner
Codesmith Tools CodeSmith 5.2.1
Collabnet TeamForge
Component One Doc to Help
Component One Studio Enterprise
Component One Studio Winforms
Component One Studio WPF
Component One Studio ASP.NET AJAX
Component One Studio for iPhone
Component One Studio for Silverlight
DBI Technologies Studio Controls for .NET v1.1
DBI Technologies Solutions Schedule for .NET
DevArt Entity Developer 2.80
Divelements Sandribbon for WPF 1.1.8
Divelements SandDock for WPF 1.4.5
DynaTrace Application Performance Management system
Embarcadero Technologies Delphi Prism
Fujitsu / Alchemy Solutions NetCOBOL for .NET V4.1 
Gigasoft ProEssentials
Gizmox Visual WebGUI Professional Studio
GraFX Vulcan.NET Project Support
GrapeCity (Data Dynamics/FarPoint) Spread for Windows Forms 5
GrapeCity (Data Dynamics/FarPoint) Spread for ASP.NET
IdeaBlade DevForce Silverlight
Infragistics  NetAdvantage ASP.NET
Infragistics  NetAdvantage Silverlight
Infragistics  NetAdvantage Windows Forms
Infragistics  NetAdvantage WPF
Innovasys  Document! X
Intel Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP)
Intel Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL)
Intersoft WebUI Studio
JCX Software  VS.PHP 
JetBrains  ReSharper 
JNBridge JNBridgePro 5.1
K2 BlackPearl
K2 Blackpoint
Kentico Software CMS 5.5 
Lead Technologies LEADTOOLS
Microfocus Analyzer Express
Microfocus Visual Cobol
Microfocus DevPartner Studio
Microfocus SilkTest
Mobiform Data Visualization
Mobiform .NET Components
Mobiform .NET Development
NDepend Code Analysis
Nema Labs FASThread
Nevron .NET Vision Suite
Northwoods Go Diagram
Northwoods GoXam
NUnit Nunit 2.5.5
NUnit Nunit 2.5.5
Openmake (Catalyst Systems Corporation) Meister 
PreEmptive Solutions dotfuscator
Progress | DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET 3.3 SP1
Quest  Oracle DSP
Rally Software Development Rally Agile Lifecycle Management
Red Lizard Software Goanna Static Analysis for C/C++
Rhea Vidyano
RSSBus RSSBus Data Provider
RSSBus RSSBus for .NET
RSSBus RSSBus for Windows Azure
RSSBus RSSBus for Sharepoint
SlickEdit Slick Edit
SoftwareFX ChartFX for WPF
Steema Software TeeChart for .NET
Symnum ViEmu
Syncfusion Essential Studio
Syncfusion User Interface Edition for ASP.NET
Syncfusion User Interface Edition for ASP.NET MVC
Syncfusion User Interface Edition for Windows Forms
Syncfusion User Interface Edition for WPF
Syncfusion User Interface Edition for Silverlight
Syncfusion Essential Studio Reporting Edition
Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition
Syncfusion Essential Studio Reporting Edition
Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition
Synergex International Corporation Synergy/DE Data Provider 
TeamPrise Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere 2010
Telerik Telerik Controls; RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX RadControls for Silverlight Telerik OpenAccess Telerik Reporting
Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX
Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC
Telerik Silverlight Controls
Telerik WinForms Controls
Telerik WPF Controls
Telerik TeamPulse
Telerik ALM Training and Consulting Services
Telerik WebUI Test Studio Developer Edition
Telerik TeamPulse
Telerik ALM Training and Consulting Services
The Imaging Source TX Text Control
The Imaging Source TX Text Control Server
Visual Numerics IMSL C/C++ Numerical Library
Visual Numerics IMSL® C# Numerical Library for Microsoft® .NET Applications
Whole Tomato Visual Assist X 
Xceed  Data Manipulation Suite
Xceed  Ultimate Suite
Xceed  3D Views for WPF
Xceed  Chart for .NET
Xceed  Chart for ASP.NET
Xceed  DataGrid for WPF Professional Edition
Xceed  DataGrid for WPF UX Edition
Xceed  Docking Windows for .NET
Xceed  Editors for .NET
Xceed  Editors for WPF
Xceed  Grid for .NET
Xceed  Input Validator for .NET
Xceed  SmartUI for VB6
Xceed  SmartUI for .NET
Xceed  Glass Theme for WPF
Xceed  Live Explorer Theme for WPF
Xceed  Media Theme for WPF
Xceed  Office 2007 Themes for WPF
Xceed  Professional Themes for WPF
Xceed  Windows 7 Theme for WPF
Xceed  Real-Time Zip for .NET
Xceed  Real-Time Zip for .NET CF
Xceed  Real-Time Zip for Silverlight
Xceed  Streaming Comp. Library
Xceed  Zip Compression Library
Xceed  Zip for .NET
Xceed  Zip for .NET CF
Xceed  Zip for .NET with Self-Extractor
Xceed  Zip for x64
Xceed  FTP for .NET
Xceed  FTP for .NET CF
Xceed  FTP Library
Xceed  Upload for Silverlight
Xceed  Binary Encoding Library
Xceed  Encryption Library
Xoreax  IncrediBuild 





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