Windows Phone 7 Series Developer Story

Earlier today at  Mix10 in Las Vegas, Scott Guthrie will introduced the Windows Phone 7 Series developer story to the world.

 All Silverlight and XNA Game Studio developers have the skills to develop for the phone using Visual Studio, an integrated environment that helps simplify the entire development process from design to testing for Windows Phone 7 Series applications.

Use your existing skills to develop Windows Phone 7 Series applications and start by downloading the tools at Express Site or  Read a review of the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP at and then create exciting applications for the phone.

The Windows Phone Developer Tools package contains a toolset that will be familiar to Visual Studio developers for Windows Phone 7 development, including a Windows Phone 7 Series emulator integrated into Visual Studio so you can see your app in action and debug it as you would with any other VS project.  Also included are Silverlight and the XNA Game Studio.  Expression Blend for Windows Phone, which brings Blend’s immersive Silverlight designer-focused environment to building immersive mobile experiences, is also available for download today from the link above. 

I encourage you to try our tools and build a Windows Phone application or bring your favorite Silverlight application to the Windows Phone platform.

Scott also announced the highly-anticipated releases of Silverlight 4 RC, Expression Blend 4 Beta, and Visual Studio 2010 RC tooling for Silverlight 4 RC.  These releases are significant steps towards the forthcoming Silverlight/Expression 4 releases.


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