Measuring real-world application usage in Visual Studio 2010

I will be joining Sebastian Holst from PreEmptive Solutions in his upcoming LIDNUG webinar: Measuring real-world application usage in Visual Studio 2010 on March 16, 11AM PST.


The session will drill down into the application analytics capabilities included with Visual Studio 2010 and tie in a number of other valuable resources including CodePlex projects and additional integration possibilities to improve software quality, accelerate developer velocity, and increase IT control over application inventories.


Please join us – details follow:


The LinkedIn event web page with information and registration details


The Live Meeting link for the webinar itself]rb


Session Abstract:


Visual Studio 2010 includes the ability to inject application feature and session monitoring as well as auto-expire behaviors post-compile (no programming). This new functionality is included as a standard component in the new Dotfuscator Community Edition (CE). Beginning with Visual Studio 2003, Dotfuscator CE HAD served as Microsoft’s answer for simple obfuscation; well, to borrow a phrase, 2010 isn’t your father’s Dotfuscator. This session will explain the new monitoring, auto-expiry, and anti-tamper capabilities included in Visual Studio 2010, describe common use cases, and provide additional resources to help jumpstart the incorporating application analytics into your development lifecycle.


Sebastian will be presenting live from the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA and joined by Terry Clancy, Business Development Manager at Microsoft. In addition to the content outlined above, this presentation will include information on the recently published CodePlex project to build your own application analytics repository and an upcoming Silverlight Analytics Framework announcement.

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