Odin Axe to simultaneously ship with VS2010

Odin Technology, Visual Studio Industry Partner, announces plans to simultaneously ship Odin Axe with Visual Studio 2010 before May 20, 2010.

Axe allows generalist testers to define and maintain automated UI tests in natural language Microsoft Excel tables. It uses code generation to create coded UI scripts and corresponding documentation, enabling generalist testers to utilize the automated testing capabilities of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

"We have used Axe on a number of high-profile engagements and in conjunction with a range of tools; Axe has helped us achieve a high level of compliance and consistency in the delivery of our testing"

- Andy Nichol, Microsoft Services U.K.

For a video of Axe in action with VS2010 Beta 2 follow this link: http://www.odintech.com/media/axevs2010/AxeVS2010.html

Axe is a test automation platform that greatly increases productivity (Odin claim over four times) and drastically reduces maintenance overheads (Odin claim over five times) for test automation. It uses simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (easily created and maintained by generalist testers) as a means to define test scenarios and code generation techniques to rapidly generate robust, self-documented automation code. Axe is unique and proven in enabling automation in an Agile environment.

For more information, screenshots and an online demo of Axe 2.1 please follow this link: http://www.axetest.com

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