GamCom Talmia – An innovative process automation tool for TFS – Product and Video now available

GamCom have just updated the website for Talmia to include a video demo .


Talmia is an innovative ALM process automation and reporting tool for Team Foundation Server. It uses Windows Workflow to automate and control work item creation, validations, email alerts, and more.


Talmia can be used to support any ALM process including iteration management, design, development, and testing. By implementing processes as intelligent workflows in TFS, Talmia benefits users by increasing the consistency, reliability, and effectiveness of process enforcement.


There are 4 easy steps to using Talmia:

  1. Model your ALM processes using the drag-and-drop workflow designer tool. Processes can be created for any ALM phase and made compatible with any process template. You can even use the Process Template Wizard feature to create new process templates based on your processes.

  2. Publish your process definitions to the web-based Talmia Control Centre. Here process versions can be managed and deployed to each individual Team Project. Each project can select the particular processes that it requires, e.g. based on methodology or technology choices.

  3. Execute your processes within Visual Studio or any other TFS client. Once a process workflow is started, all required work items will be created, updated, validated etc. automatically according to your process definition. Talmia can also be configured to send email alerts, raise process errors, and/or call external scripts in response to particular process events.

  4. Monitor running processes using Talmia’s comprehensive set of process reports. These complement TFS’s existing reports by adding a process level view of the project that can provide real insight into progress and potential issues. The reports are particularly useful for distributed or virtual teams.


Talmia allows processes to be rolled out incrementally either by ALM phase (design, development, testing etc.) or by project. Process definitions can also be refined or extended incrementally based on evidence from actual use. In this way, Talmia provides full control over every process version making it easy to realise the benefits of ALM process improvement - one step at a time.


Talmia is available now for TFS 2008 with a 2010 version coming in March.


If you are interested in using TFS for ALM process support, check out Talmia's website for more information or watch the video demo  to see Talmia in action.

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