Quest Software release public Beta of Project Fuze, the DSP for Oracle databases

Quest Software have released a public Beta of Project Fuze, the DSP for Oracle database support in Visual Studio Team System 2010. The public beta is now available on – make sure that you visit Microsoft’s site for more information on their public beta of Visual Studio Team System 2010 since you’ll need to have that running in order to try out Project Fuze.

Beta participation is free and open to anyone. However, in order to make the software actually useful to you, Quest need to hear back from you about the things you like as well as the things you don’t like.  So please join the forums and post often!

Quest have also recorded a video demonstration of how to use Project Fuze inside of Visual Studio Team System 2010. In it they cover creating a new Oracle database project, importing your schema, managing and altering objects, comparing your changes to the live schema and deploying them back to the database. Don’t forget to bookmark the  YouTube playlist for future video updates.

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