Oracle releases new versions of Oracle Visual Studio tools and Oracle .NET data provider

Oracle has released a new version of their Visual Studio tools and their .NET data provider. I talked to Christian Shay ( ), who is the product manager for Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio and he let me know that these products can be downloaded as part of the Oracle Data Access (ODAC) bundled from this link ( ).

He also talked to me about some of the features they have added in this release including performance tuning Visual Studio tools, new tools and APIs to help in writing .NET messenging applications, as well as self tuning features added to the Oracle data provider to bump up data access performance. He recommended that if you are interested in using Oracle's Visual Studio tools and/or .NET data provider you should visit Oracle's .NET Developer Center ( ) . This web site has video demonstrations, step by step tutorials, code samples, and support forums.

 Here's some other useful links Christian mentioned:

ODT SQL Tuning Advisor Video Demonstration:  

ODT Oracle Performance Analyzer Video Demonstration:

Using Visual Studio Tools Walkthroughs 

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