Micro Focus Launches ReUZE™ at Microsoft WPC

Micro Focus® (LSE.MCRO.L), a leading provider of enterprise application management and modernization solutions, today, at the Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference (WPC), announced a new high performance, low cost solution for customers wishing to migrate Cobol, CICS, JCL, and other applications from the mainframe onto the Windows platform while retaining competitive advantage through the re-use of the enterprise applications running their business today.

With contemporary Visual Studio based Integrated Development Environment, Micro Focus ReUZE™ Developer will enable customers to take advantage of improved developer productivity, cross team collaboration and dramatically improved application life-cycle management with integration with Visual Studio Team System.

Building on this solid framework, Micro Focus ReUZE™ Server emulates the mainframe on Windows and is designed to fully exploit 64-bit Windows architecture, and SQL Server database while supporting the highest level of compatibility with existing application platforms. Unlike other solutions which insist on rewriting mainframe application data sources for SQL Server, or removing mainframe syntax from programs, the Micro Focus solution typically leaves the source code unchanged as the application is moved to Windows and the data is moved to SQL Server. Thus DB2 SQL code is translated to SQL Server Transact SQL on the fly. All this reduces costs, risk, and delivers the highest levels of performance and reliability.

“Our number one priority is to help customers realize the most value from their existing IT assets and move into tomorrow with complete confidence,” said Eddie Amos, General Manager, Developer Tools and Platform Business, Microsoft Corp. “Micro Focus has been a pivotal partner in helping to change the application modernization landscape by reducing costs, improving development processes and providing greater choice for mainframe customers.”

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