Ekobit TeamCompanion for Outlook v 2.1 released

Our VSIP partner Ekobit recently released the new version of their Team System client implemented as an Outlook AddIn: TeamCompanion for Outlook v2.1.  The new version brings improved performance and enhancements to existing features, but also some exciting new features. TeamCompanion’s goal is to provide a general purpose TFS client integrated in Outlook with rich feature set aimed at all project stakeholders who want to combine Outlook’s collaboration and communication features with the ability to access TFS artifacts.
This release is a free update for all existing customers.

Following is the list of new and improved features of TeamCompanion:

·        Reports (including multiple saved parameter sets for each report) 

·        “Query by example“ Work Item Query editor (including full-text search support) 

·        Powerful online and offline work item search capabilities including desktop search integration with Query by Example query editor for full text online search and desktop search integration for full text offline search in any work item field, TeamCompanion gives you all the tools you need to find the information you need. 

·         Attaching mails to work items using drag-n-drop 

·        Open related object (work item, changeset or build) action for notification mails 

·        Work Item Query management 

·        Scheduled Work Item queries 

For the complete list of features visit the TeamCompanion’s homepage. 
TeamCompanion is available as a free 90-days fully functional trial.

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