Gaming Company drives compliance using IBM Telelogic Doors integration with VSTS

Our VSIP partner IBM has been working with a large gaming company whose motivation to improve their software development process was general process improvement and regulatory compliance. Slot machines are complex systems that need to be very precise and now are often part of a large, secure, real-time, networked system (server-based gaming). The Nevada gaming commission, each American Indian tribe and all other regions that offer gaming have their own regulations to monitor these systems to make sure they're fair. The gaming company we've been working with has at least 15 distinct sets of regulations to comply with.  

They import the regulations into Telelogic DOORS so that they have visibility of them when defining systems requirements to meet a regulation; and so that they can demonstrate coverage of the regulations using traceability links.

They don't just stop with regulations to requirements traceability though. Through an interface to Microsoft Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) Team Foundation Server (TFS)  they also link requirements through to development work items (and code) to set the context and need for those artifacts but also to demonstrate coverage. Such traceability also enables impact analysis when a requirement or regulation changes, enabling you to assess the impact of a change so you can determine cost, risk, schedule and scope impacts before approving the change. If the change is made you can then use impact analysis to help ensure that all related requirements, work items, code and test cases are updated accordingly. To learn more about the Telelogic DOORS interface for Microsoft Visual Team Foundation Server, visit

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