Notion Tools for Team System

Notion Tools for Team System :    Notion Solutions has created quick 3 minute video of Notion Tools for Team System. These tools extend the capabilities of Team Foundation Server in some meaningful ways to allow customers to manage work better, plan schedules, visualize work relationships, manage requirements and requirements documents, record time, and more. The individual products that make up Notion Tools for Team System include:

  • Notion Timesheet- time-tracking system that allows users to capture and record time against Team System Work Items directly from within Visual Studio.

  • Notion Work Organizer - tool that extends Visual Studio to enhance Team System with a better means of managing requirements, other works items, and their associated documentation and artifacts.

  • Notion Work Planner - tool that accurately plans iteration and release schedules based on real team demographics, experience, and expertise.

  • Notion Work Item Controls - custom work item controls that help teams visualize and maintain hierarchical relationships between work items in a Team Project.


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