Collabnet announce CollabNet Desktop, extending support for Microsoft tools including Visual Studio

Tuesday April 14th, CollabNet has released the next version of their ALM platform, TeamForge 5.2, along with multiple Microsoft integrations.  CollabNet TeamForge is an application lifecycle management platform for distributed development teams.  Developers and non-developers across the lifecycle use Microsoft products for various daily tasks, and CollabNet makes it easy for them to interface with TeamForge directly from their favorite Microsoft tools.  One particular integration, CollabNet Desktop – Microsoft Windows Edition, is brand new!  Here is a list of the Microsoft integrations being released:

·         (New!) CollabNet Desktop – Microsoft Windows Edition 1.0:  Encourage business users and non-developers to participate in development projects.  This desktop provides a rich user interface that non-developers will find familiar.  Drag and drop integration between Microsoft Windows Explorer and the TeamForge version control system allows users to open and edit Microsoft Office documents and save edits directly back to TeamForge as versioned files. This makes it easy to keep requirements documents, build results, and issue tracker updates current.

·         CollabNet Desktop – Visual Studio Edition 1.4:  Interface with Subversion for source control, access all CollabNet TeamForge development lifecyle tools and assets, and provision build/test servers in a public or private cloud - all from within the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. 

·         CollabNet TeamForge Document Management Plugin for Microsoft Office 2.0:  Browse and edit TeamForge documents within Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

·         CollabNet TeamForge Task Management Plugin for Microsoft Project 2.0:  Connect and synchronize tasks between Microsoft Project and the TeamForge Task Manager.

Collabnet also supports an open source project delivering a Visual Studio integration for Subversion called AnkhSVN (

Find out more about CollabNet’s integrations for Microsoft here:


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