StudioWorks Software releases Designbox for WinForms – A fresh, new Design Experience for Visual Studio

“Designbox is a new and unique Visual Studio Extension that lets you create your applications using a new approach.  With Designbox, you capture and apply control designs to create your user experience rather than primarily relying on the property window to design your controls one property at a time.  This new approach lets you share and deliver rich content to your controls and then stylize them in a fraction of the time over the traditional techniques.


And with Designbox, capturing new control designs is as simple as dragging and dropping a finished control from your Form Designer into your Designbox window.  Your Designbox Window is organized into shareable Design Palettes, each containing Designs of your choosing.  By using Design Palettes, the longer you use Designbox, the larger your Design Library becomes and the more Designs you can share in your organization or within the Designbox Community.  Use Designbox to capture your best practices, enforce standard design guidelines, or to just simply experience a more productive and fun way to build your applications.


For more information, you can visit the StudioWorks Software website at or watch the introductory video at”

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