Webcast: Agile Lifecycle Management with Team System and Rally

See how Rally’s on-demand agile project management solution and Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team System drive improved development visibility, collaboration and productivity.

As teams adopt agile practices, the faster pace of iterative development requires enhanced project visibility and team collaboration. To meet this need, Rally and Microsoft have an integrated set of tools for project planning and development that support the increased velocity of agile teams.

By leveraging connectors between Rally’s Agile project management solution and Microsoft VSTS, all team members gain real-time visibility across VSTS source code assets and build results through seamless integration into Rally’s collaborative Agile planning dashboards.

In this webinar you will see how the Rally and MS VSTS integration delivers:

  • Instant access to view and update Rally stories and tasks without leaving the context of your Visual Studio IDE.

  • Easy traceability between your Team Foundation Server source code check-ins and your tasks and defects in Rally so you can gauge progress against your work products.

  • A seamless linkage between the results of your latest Team Build results and your Rally project dashboard delivering a key indicator of code health and quality.

 To register or for more info see http://www.rallydev.com/ms_reg.jsp?src=msweb1 

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