Microsoft Dev Tools Ecosystem Summit


Microsoft Dev Tools Ecosystem Summit

September 15-19th, 2008  


This year we are pleased to expand our event to include the growing ecosystem of VSX developers. The event will be hosted at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in Redmond, WA, and will include technical presentations, business presentations, and 1:1 developer clinic time. Save the dates of the event on your calendar, we will be announcing the detailed agenda and registration information in the coming months.


·          September 15 & 16 - Visual Studio Extensibility (VSX) Developer Conference: Presentations that are open to all developers who extend Visual Studio, including VSIP partners, the VSX community and internal Microsoft employees.

·          September 17 - Partner Business and Strategy Day:  For VSIP partners only, focusing primarily on the business and marketing discussions.

·          September 18 & 19 - VSIP Dev Clinic: Developer clinic on Microsoft campus for VSIP partners. 


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