Back to school for teachers

This blog post originally appeared on the Inside Office Online blog, where you can find Office productivity tips blogged daily. Students are still out having fun or looking for ways to make some money this summer, but most teachers are back to school this month. If you’re a teacher who has resolved to let your…


Get to work this summer, without a job

The summer is half over, you’ve been out of school or out of work for months, and you’re starting to feel desperate. You are sure you’ve lost the last brain cell you ever had. Ideas, which used to be your strong suit, elude you completely. What’s next? If you’re a student living at home this…


Office Casual races the clock with Templates

This video series I started last year, Office Casual, returns to the wonderful world of templates. I wanted to know how much time it would take to use a template. Say, can I make a template in less than 90 seconds? You may not want to do it that quickly, but if I can do…


Free business cards for e-mail and print

Let’s start light with humor from Office OFFline created by Office Online writer, David Salaguinto, (who, by the way, shares his creative process here: Office Hours: Drawing a daily comic strip with Visio). Check out his funny, recent comic strip addressing the business card: Great fun! Now let’s say that you seriously are trying to get your information seen. Office Online…


Save paper, save energy – here’s help for your documents

Do you ever cringe at how much excess or mostly blank paper spins off your printer? Have you ever thought about saving energy at your computer desk or during a meeting? We’ve followed the Microsoft Office Word Team’s advice and the examples of the likes of and The result? Three new templates with instructions you can follow to save…


Baby photo albums

Our coworker, Rhea, is due any day now, and we’re so excited to see her new little addition! We’ve asked for a million things while she’s on maternity, such as, “When can we see photos?” “When are you bringing her in?” “Are you going to keep a baby blog?” and “Can I have your stapler?”…


2 new postcard calendars from Avery

You’ve liked these designs in previous years, so Avery has provided us with postcard versions for 2008! My favorite is the one with the green squares, since I live and die by sticky notes and that’s exactly what the design reminds me of. The calendars are also designed to work with Avery 3263 and 8387…


13 new gift/money envelope templates!

How often have you used a gift certificate, a check, or cash as a gift? Make a delightful presentation with one of our 13 new money envelopes that you can download for free. Just print, fold, stuff, and seal  – and make someone smile with your gift. See all designs Our designs range from flowers and animals, including…


CNet blogger gives Kudos to Office Online Templates site

Just read this very nice blog post by CNet blogger Dennis O’Reilly talking about how he recently used a Word timeline template from the Templates site on Office Online.  Here’s a little snippet from the post: “At a report-planning meeting last week I volunteered to add a timeline to a Word document that would ultimately…


Gardening templates from Microsoft Home Magazine

It’s time to get into the garden, so here are some more templates from Microsoft Home Magazine to help you look forward to the fruits of your labor: Spice jar labels (round)  Garden photo album Seed packet Preserve labels