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You may have arrived here, expecting to see our Templates blog. We’ve moved to a new spot, and combined our Templates and Clip Art blogs into one, all-up, downloadable content blog. It’s all still new to us, and for now we’re taking it slow and easy, keeping current features and assessing what we want to do differently. To that point, we would really like to know what you think of the Template du Jour feature. Please post comments on our new blog.

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  1. nicole says:

    I am looking for 2010 savable computer text writable calendars…. I see lots for 2009- but not for the current year.. help please.. reach me at nicole.bilodeau@rbc.com

  2. TheBeachBum says:

    When I open Word 2010 beta the default (blank) page has the cursor the very top even though the top margin setting is at 1". I have tried deleting the Normal.dotm file and restarting Word with no change. I have tried copying the NormalOld.dotm file to Normal.dotm, but it reverts back to the cursor at the top of the page when I reopen Word 2010. When I open the NormalOld.dotm with a double-click it starts Word properly formatted, but when I double-click on the copied Normal.dotm the cursor is back at the top of the page (top margin setting is still at 1")

    Any ideas?

  3. templateers says:

    @Nicole – Any 2007 template will work with 2010, so please look through the 2007 templates to find what you need.

    BeachBum – I suggest you post your questions to the Word team blog at: http://blogs.msdn.com/microsoft_office_word/

  4. danstephens says:

    I developed a new template in Excel 2007 and attempted to uploade it but the submission webpage replies the file may not be Excel 2007 format.  The file extensions I tried are .xlsm and .xltm, but neither worked. Suggestions?

  5. John Chaytor says:

    Your blog entitled: Issue with "Any year calendar creator" and introducing a new flavor

    I’ve just downloaded both versions and it didn’t work for me. However, it’s because I’m in the UK and the formula:


    Needs to be:


    as we use day / month rather than month / year.

  6. John Chaytor says:

    A better solution is:


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