Are you color blind? Design with confidence using these tools

Did you know we have an entire team devoted to accessibility? You can find plenty of useful information in The Accessibility Advocate column, but today I'd like to point you directly to a specific column devoted to assisting people who are color blind.

My dad was color blind. He had some issues with greens and reds, and when he started painting later in life I was amazed at how good his paintings were, despite what others might view as a handicap in producing art. Still, I think he would have really benefited from the type of color selector template featured in David Ludwig's article.


Comparable to a painter's color wheel - this template enables color blind people to ensure the colors they choose work well together.

If you are too timid to experiment on your own, you can always download free, ready-made templates for all the Office applications. But, I'd encourage you to read Dave's article to learn more. It should give you the confidence to make your own design choices. Who knows, maybe you'll even be confident enough to submit one of your templates to our latest contest...


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