New 2008 calendars in OneNote

If you've never used OneNote to organize information - and you can organize pretty much anything in it using ultra-handy tabs, notebooks, and pages with fun colors - you might want to give the new 2008 daily calendars a try. We've included the features that many users ask for in a calendar:

  • Each month of the year is in its own free template so you can download one at a time or as many as you like.

  • Each day of the month is displayed on its own page with room for notes.

  • Each page has next and previous months at-a-glance.

Since we're nearly there, here are links to the March, April, May, and June daily calendars. You can find all 12 months on the Office Online templates website (or if you prefer, try the 2008 year-at-a-glance calendar with room for notes or one of the four 12-month calendar designs such as this Classic Blue design).

Customizing OneNote daily calendars....

Tip 1: If you have favorite holidays or like to mark birthdays and other events on your calendar, you can download free clips from Office Online Clip Art and copy them into your OneNote calendar pages.  You might also want to peruse or subscribe to the Clip Art and Media blog to see what's new, including seasonal clips.  

Tip 2: If you're using OneNote already, you know how easy it is to add pages whenever you need them. Why not add subpages for days where you need to track information like directions to an appointment, a grocery list, contact information for people or businesses, notes for a school project or paper, meeting or agenda notes, or a "To Do" list?!

Here's how to add a subpage:

  1. Go to the day of the month when you'll want or need the extra information by clicking the date in your OneNote daily calendar.

  2. Next, click the arrow next to New Page (above the list of pages on the right side of your section) to see a drop down menu, and then click New Subpage. OneNote will insert a subpage next to the calendar day you're viewing.

  3. Copy or type the information you need and voila - you're done! OneNote automatically saves your changes as you make them.

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    Microsoft Office-Vorlagen: Kalender 2008

  2. says:

    Microsoft Office-Vorlagen: Kalender 2008

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    A calendar that’s always current for Excel 2007

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    Excel Template – A calendar that’s always current for Excel 2007

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