SQL Server 2005 Replication

SQL Server database replication is a set of technolgoes that allows to distribute or copy the schema and data from a database on one server to one or more servers in unidirectional or bidirectional manner. Replication is one of the many ways in which SQL Server provides lets you develop highly available applications. SQL Server 2005…


SQL Server memory related performance counters

Some of the important performance counters related to memory in SQL Server are: SQL Server Cache Hit Ratios: A consistent value below 90% indicates that more physical memory is needed on the server. Memory Object: Available Bytes: On a server dedicated to SQL Server, SQL Server attempts to maintain from 4-10MB of free physical memory….


SQL Server memory architecture

SQL Server 2005 dynamically acquires and frees memory as required. Administrator does not have to specify how much memory should be allocated to SQL Server, although following options exist: Standard 32 bit addresses can map a maximum of 4 GB of memory. By default, on 32 bit operating system, 2 GB of this space is…