Seattle: The Emerald City (Really!)

It is not the heat, it is the humidity.– David Letterman (ok not really, but it was a catch phrase for a while) No matter where you live, people can find a reason to complain about the weather (or is it weather forecasting?).  Seattle is no different and while we call it the “Emerald City”…


By the way … Office "12" Beta 1 is live

Just thought I’d let folks know that Office “12” Beta 1 went live today.  We’re pretty excited about the product and getting it into customer hands. Way to go team!


The 100 hour work week: believe it or not?

So how much and how hard do you have to work at Microsoft to be successful? I was asked this question by a graduating student who has an offer from Microsoft to be a software design engineer. Actually the question was “do I have to work 100 hours a week to be successful?”I went back…


Release timing and Office products — how fast is fast enough?

I’ve been asked quite a bit by people interviewing at Microsoft about “software release”.  This post will talk about our strategy around product releases for Office products, since we have been pretty consistent over the years and this represents a balance between some competing interests. The topic comes up because there has been a lot…


Highlights from Boston recruiting

The past couple of days have been busy with a round of presentations and discussions at MIT, Sloan business school, and Harvard College. I know folks are always super busy so I appreciate the time everyone took out of their busy schedules to meet on campus. I always find the opportunity to meet and talk…


This week — visits to a couple of Boston area colleges

I will be visiting both Harvard and MIT this coming week.  I look forward to meeting any students with a passion for software interested in working at Microsoft full time. MIT Wednesday Oct 19 @ Building 34, Room 101, Reception at 4:45pm, presentation at 5:00 Harvard Thursday Oct 20 @ Maxwell Dworkin G115, Reception at 6:15 pm,…


Where should I work? Global development of Microsoft Office.

“Are you able to shed any light on how much software development takes places outside of the US? Or indeed, what happens at which Microsoft sites around the world? Why would a new grad come to Seattle to work for Microsoft when he can work for Google in Mountain View, New York City or Zurich?”…


Yesterday’s memories may sparkle and gleam, tomorrow is still but a dream.

This year just like every year, I am very involved in recruiting students from college campuses to work on our product development teams.  I’ve been active in recruiting since I arrived on campus at Microsoft—I think I probably still hold some sort of record for the most interview lunches in a given recruiting season.  Every…


Bureaucracy. Threat or menace? Either, both, or neither? Or it depends!

bu·reauc·ra·cy  a. Management or administration marked by hierarchical authority among numerous offices and by fixed proceduresb. The administrative structure of a large or complex organization   I was able to spend the day today with students at Harvard Business School.  I was fortunate enough to meet a number of second year students and was invited…


MBA Opportunities at Microsoft

Before I get started I should point out that I am not an MBA and I don’t play one on TV.  The closest I ever came to a business class was when I took Accounting I at the nearby community college in 1990 or so.  I’m an engineer through and through. That all changed due…